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Mar 5, 2013 02:19 AM

Parsley Root

What do you like doing with parsley root? Is it basically similar to celery root in that it can be roasted and used in purees/soups?

Any great parsley root recommendations?

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  1. I've only used parsley root in soups & stews.When I saw your post, though, it got me wondering about other possible uses. I found a site that described parsley root -- what it is, when it grows, etc.
    Their recipe suggestion was "root beer float."
    Doesn't answer your question, but it IS good for a chuckle.

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    1. re: almond tree

      Oh my - may pass on that one.
      The last time I was at the shuk in addition to the enormous celery roots, I noticed that the parsley roots were also very large. So I figure - maybe it's time to play around with something where parsley root is more of a "main player".

      1. re: cresyd

        I found a recipe for roasting them like "french fries" that looks delicious - waiting for my market to get them in again. I've used them in a beef braise and in chicken soup - and don't discard the leaves. The stems freeze well too.

        For a "root beer float" I suggest a basket of fries, a bottle of beer, and a hot tub. :D

        Here's the link to the "fries" recipe

        1. re: eepi

          Ah - so it says that it functions like a parnsip or celery root. Very helpful article/recipe.

          1. re: cresyd

            My mother roasts chunks of parsnip with chicken -- maybe you could substitute parsley root.
            I have a nice healthy looking p.r. here, so I might give it a try later in the week. (I eat chicken/beef pretty much only on Shabbat.)

            1. re: almond tree

              Last night I made a really nice celery root puree, so there's also that option.

              I did find a recipe on food52 once that was for a celery root puree with adding finely minced fresh parsley. If using parsley root that might be fun to play with.