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Mar 5, 2013 01:21 AM

What's in season in early April?

We're coming to San Antonio and Lost Pine in early April of this year... what local produce is at its best then? Either snack items from groceries or farmer's markets, or ingredients in restaurant dishes. Something like, if we see fresh prickly pear (or whatever), we say, "get that!"
(I'm in San Francisco, so if someone came right now, I'd answer the same question with dungeness crab, artichokes, not strawberries even though they're in the market...)

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  1. Texas 1015 onions are coming in from the valley.

    1. Marburger's Orchards near Fredericksburg is already having U-Pick strawberries. They are delicious!! Maybe your hotel dining room will have some on offer.

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        Oh, yum, fresh strawberries... I'll keep my eye out. I assume they'll be available at the Pearl Brewery famer's market or El Mercado?