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Mar 4, 2013 11:10 PM


Am heading to SF in a few weeks and was after some advice on some spots that could fit in with my itinerary (most definitely will be the other way around) for a group of 5. Will have our apartment based in alamo square. I've numbered the parts i need help on.
I guess i'd like to know if you had to plan a 3-4 day trip to Sf, what places you wouldnt miss out on, regardless if i can find them here at home & regardless of price.
Here's how it looks at the moment.

SUN - arrive afternoon
dinner - couldnt snag a reservation at rich table for the whole trip, so was looking at eating at the bar and arriving soon as they open.

quick breakfast - the mill
segway tour
1) lunch - nopa or nopalito? actually it doesnt even have to be near my apartment.
2) dinner - catching a warriors game at the oracle, so an early dinner somewhere in oakland or even in the bay area and get a taxi to the game after. Can be any cuisine, any price.

breakfast - plow
standard alcatraz
3) lunch - had lers ros thai in but too maybe heavy for lunch?
shopping union square
dinner - AQ

breakfast - tartine
electric bike hire golden gate park/bridge & surrounding places etc
4) lunch - possibly venture to the mission for mexican?
gotta try some of those dynamo donuts afterwards
Dinner - Pizzeria Delfina & Bi-rite ice creamery after.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance

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  1. Quick observation (based on my own disappointments!) is that if you wait till after lunch for Dynamo, they'll be out of the best stuff and you'll have a limited selection.

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      True that, Violatp. Also be wary at Dynamo of buying a donut early in the day and eating it later. Not salutary.

    2. 1. nopa over nopalito

      2. I don't know about cabbing it to Oracle; that might be tricky and/or expensive. I think your easiest bet is eating somewhere near the 19th St. BART station in Oakland, then taking BART over (the arena has its own stop). Probably Plum is your best bet, as it's a block or two from that station. Hawker Fare is an okay second choice.

      3. I don't see a problem with Lers Ros for lunch (although depending how long that Alcatraz tour is, you might be scheduling a bit tight). If you're going to do shopping immediately after, go to the Hayes Valley location, as it's sort of like 1990s Nolita over there.

      4. Generally speaking, trying to get five seats at the bar at any restaurant in SF will be pretty tough. Never been to Rich Table, but as it's currently an It restaurant, I can't imagine it would be taht easy, possibly not even if you get there when it opens. Be prepared to have a backup plan just in case (that nabe has decent options, though).

      1. Mexican in Oakland's Fruitvale district and then BART to Your Name Here Arena.