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Mar 4, 2013 09:54 PM

Creative anchovy dishes (other than pizza)?


Perhaps an "anchovy burrito" (hold the rice and beans)?

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  1. I use anchovy in vinegar as a tapa topping...layer a slice of lightly toasted baguette, a slice of hard boiled egg, top with the anchovy and drizzle with the liquid from the anchovy container. It's always a hit at our gatherings.
    I also use anchovies as a flavor booster on most spaghetti ala puttanesca (mix pasta with capers, anchovies and tomatoes).

    1. with lemon juice and olive oil over frisee? It's my americanized version of the Roman puntarelle dishes as I can't find puntarelle here...

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        Frisee is a good substitute for puntarelle, at least as an excuse to have the anchovy salsetta. When the season ends in Rome, we use curly endive. It's also good on radicchio or any other sort of assertive salad.

        To make the anchovy dressing (I use vinegar but I know some people use lemon juice): pound some anchovy fillets in a mortar with a garlic clove (easiest if you put it through a garlic press first). When you have a nice paste, add extra virgin olive oil generously and a splash of red-wine vinegar (never balsamic!). Mix well and pour over the salad. Toss just before serving.

      2. I make a fast, pan pasta sauce with anchovies, jarred red roasted peppers (pureed in mini-chopper), olive oil & garlic. Throw it over some penne, top with my best shaved cheese... YUM!

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          i make a similar pasta to manhattanmom's, but i omit the roasted red peppers and add capers and crushed, dried, red peppers

        2. I've put this out before but a favorite of mine is to soak meaty fillets in ice water forhalf-hour( you might want to change the water a couple of time) to get some salt out (thiswas originally with the head-on anchovies but filets will work), drain well, dredge in a fritter batter or beer batter, deep fry, drain with some paprika or whatever pepper you want and eat hot with ice-cold martini.

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              I do something similar with fresh small fish, several varieties, one of which may or may not be anchovies (I only know what they're called in Asia, which is no necessarily the same). I use salt, chilli powder, and pepper, coat the fish, and deep fry until crispy. Yum!

            2. Several times I have enjoyed a version of chicken salad I learned about here. Shredded chicken, mayo, chopped hard boiled eggs, ample mashed anchovies and fresh cilantro. Goes well on a starburst tomato or avocado half.

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                Chicken salad with anchovies.

                That ... actually ... sounds ... really ... good.

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                  The recipe Veggo mentions is indeed very good and was first posted here: