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Mar 4, 2013 09:08 PM

Meadowood Restaurant, St Helena new offers $20 bar menu/$90 3-course menu at bar

Read on EaterSF Meadowood, St Helena offering $20 bar menu/$90 3-course menu at the bar, need reservations only 18 seats. 707-531-4788.

Link mentioned it:

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  1. Was a guest of a member last night. Had a drink and the snack menu which was several "courses" of snacks and all good, some great. Am a light eater, but was fairly full.

    The bottle wine menu is really extensive and has some nice choices from the $50 range, although goes up quickly. Tops out at $6000. Cocktails are $18 and the by the glass list is good but expensive (reds $25-$125, whites a bit less).