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Mar 4, 2013 08:55 PM

Cream Cheese

I'm no longer happy with Philadelphia brand; I just know they've changed their recipe. The tang is gone which means it pretty much has no taste at all and fresh out of the (properly cooled) fridge, it's softer than it used to be (I am talking about the 8 oz. bar) and I've noticed there is a noticeable amount of liquid all around the base and I'm sure it didn't use to be there.

Reason for starting this discussion is I'm wondering if anyone has noticed the same things as me and if anyone has found another brand of cream cheese that they would recommend. I'm planning to make a NY cheesecake and I want the cheese to be wonderful on its own.

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  1. My cream cheese of choice is Gina Marie or Sierra Nevada natural cream cheese.

    However, because they do not contain the gums and fillers in Philadelphia Brand, they will not work in recipes that call for Philly.

    1. Philly continues to be my preference for cooking. All the generic ones down here don't taste or cream as well.

      Am going to try and find some tellagio in the next couple of days for cheeseOTM and now have a good reason to try named cream cheeses.

      1. Ben's cream cheese from NYC has milk, rennet, salt, and this is it. It is wonderful and assume it can be ordered from Murray's. When l worked at D&D it came in 50 lb tubs and we broke it down to small and medium containers.

        1. The original comment has been removed