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Mar 4, 2013 08:17 PM

on the way to MC found Mission Street Oyster Bar :)[San Francisco]

While walking to Mission Chinese saw a sign for $1 oyster happy hour, so I stopped in. Oysters were really fresh and tempted me to try their regular menu. Got the crab sauteed in white wine and herbs. FANTASTIC. Sweet crab, yummy sauce (which worked well over rice the next day with some leftover crab). Clam chowder was really good. (some reviews on yelp say it was watery - mine certainly wasn't. Also yelp says choice of 3 type of oysters - I wasn't given a choice). Light, bright, clean setting. Downside is only one waiter/server which wasn't a problem when I was there but might be if they were busy.

Walked over to MC thinking of getting some take out, but the place was dark, crowded (expected) and with NO SIGN with their name just another name Lau someting. Had to ask people waiting if this was the right place. What kind of respect does it show for their place if years after they open they don't even put their name on the place (or the menu in the window?) I just don't get it. Anyway after all the bad reviews here and nothing on the menu appealing to me decided to pass.
Highly rec. MSOB (even tho it isn't really an oyster bar - the cooking/shucking is done out of sight in the back).

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      Thanks Melanie -for the explanation and the interesting link - makes me even more glad not to have eaten at MCF.

      If parking wasn't so awful I'd be back to the oyster bar a lot, but I envy people who live nearby ;)

      1. re: estnet

        Maybe BART can be your chariot.

        Some earlier reports on MSOB: