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Mar 4, 2013 07:25 PM

Penang Delight Marpole

Has anyone tried this place? I remember the first outlet in E. Van as just OK.

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  1. this location use to be jade garden, the owners retired.

    will toftt soon, will report back.
    someone i know, mentioned the food was ok.

    have heard the owners of original penang delight, were looking to 'franchise' their business. asking price 150k. not sure what that includes.
    so curious to see who is running/cooking in this new location.

    1. I had tried the Rupert branch once soon after it opened and enjoyed it. Haven't been back because the location isn't convenient for me though.

      Looking forward to trying the new place next week as I work nearby sometimes. Happy to have a potentially better lunch option as Jade Garden was not very good at all.

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        Tried it out the other day for lunch. It was just ok. In general, things were too soupy (the Gado Gado and Mee Goreng were both too wet). Flavours were a bit sweet but otherwise ok. A bit pricey for what it is, especially for lunch.

        I'll probably come back, though, because it's still the best option in the immediate area.

        1. re: twinkienic

          Would agree with twinkienic. Not chowhound worthy but decent.

          Still a family run business. Sister at original location.
          It was packed when I was there for dinner.
          Intial impression was they are trying to go higher end.
          The original seemed like a alternative to the HK cafe's.
          The new location has several whole fish and on this night a crispy aromatic duck.

          The owners were certainly trying hard on the front of the house to accomodate everybody. Jack is somewhere along the line's of Kam's or Bon's. Personable and affable. Service was spotty by the paid servers.

          Again a very big menu = challenges in consistency.
          I tried several things. And thought the Assam Laksa was good. Overall it gets a marginal pass.

          I think you will start finding price point on all restaurant starting to creep up to reflect the cost of staying business.
          If they spent $400k to open this business, they would be hoping to re-coup that at some point in the near future.