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Mar 4, 2013 06:41 PM

Very Good Lunch at Vince's Fishmarket & Restaurant in Rosariito

The two Rotties got the last of their puppy shots at the vet today and afterward, we were hungry.

The main boulevard, Benito Juarez, between the Rosarito Beach Hotel and up to the tourist office is being repaved and traffic is being diverted to side streets, but we had no problem navigating around the barriers to Vince's.

Vince's has installed some very attractive and comfortable booths on the sidewalk with acrylic wind barriers, so we sat outside to enjoy the people watching.

Also, Vince's has opened a gourmet coffee shop in a small area of their building, also opening out to the sidewalk. We bought two kilos of single origin, whole beans at a bargain price of $120 pesos per kilo. (We pay $180 pesos per kilo at the Comercial Mexicana.) They also threw in an extra small bag, as a bonus.

Lunch started out with unlimited chips and salsa and you are served a complimentary bowl of fish consomme. We both ordered the Vince's Special Combo - one nice-sized half spiny lobster, six fairly large sauteed shrimp, a large sauteed calamari steak and an equally generous fillet of white fish (today it was sea bass) served with salad, rice, beans, tortillas and Saladitas crackers

If you are paying in dollars, the combo is priced at $15.80.

Beers are $30 pesos and they have a good selection and a full bar.

Service is friendly and attentive.

Decor is nautical - dark wood, bridge over a fish pond entrance. Lots of marine memorabilia on the walls - portraits of fishing boats and fishermen from years past and various assorted hardware.

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