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Mar 4, 2013 06:36 PM

Presidio Social Club? [San Francisco]

I'm having dinner tomorrow night with two friends from the past. They appreciate good food but aren't adventurous eaters. One of them uses a wheelchair so good parking is desired. What's the Presidio Social Club like? I've never been and don't see much here about it.

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  1. Enjoyed lunch there once. Unfortunately, they no longer serve foie gras.

    1. It sounds like the PSC should fit the bill nicely. The menu there is not especially adventurous and parking is about as easy as you will find anywhere in San Francisco. The interior of the restaurant is rather spacious and you will not find yourself jammed in among the tables around you.

      Best of all, the food is pretty good!

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        Thanks, I was pretty sure about the rest, but am glad to hear that you find the food to be good.

      2. Almost always been pleased with the food there. As others have said, not adventurous but generally high quality. Do not miss the smashed peas with mint side. But definitely pass on the liver and onions. Worst rendition of this classic I have ever had - gristly, bitter, gray, absolutely awful.

        1. I really like PSC. I like the space and the food, service, decor.

          1. I am a huge fan of PSC. It's a relaxing space even when a bit crowded and the food is usually good and sometimes terrific. I take lots of visitors there and when my mother-in-law is in town she usually makes sure that a visit is worked into her schedule. Such a nice bit of local San Francisco that is not overly touristy--everyone is always curious about the history of it, you can walk off some of the calories while taking in a view of the GG Bridge, and when time allows I like to suggest bowling afterward!

            Specific food: my wife always orders their cheese sandwich/tomato soup dish (which kind of bugs me because I think my version of this is just as good) and I usually go for fish because they tend to have interesting selections and/or preparation. I also had the steak frite one time and it was delicious. Also, beignets!

            The wine list is also good, not much of a beer selection but there's usually something good that's local. I think they had Magnolia on tap last time I was there.

            And finally, I will second the caution regarding the liver and onions. My own mother, bless her heart, ordered this--one of her favorite dishes--and did not want to "cause a scene" by sending it back. It was pretty bad (but I still think Saul's has the worst).

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              Magnolia? Good? Surprising! In my "brewed in SF beer crawl", Magnolia was consensus-last, tied with Southern Pacific. Weak body, strong hops, poor balance, some beers with off tastes. I can see how having an in-town beer is good, especially on the same side of town, but ... ew.

              1. re: bbulkow

                I had a couple of pilsners if I recall correctly (it was some time ago) and found it light and refreshing on a hot day. It's the only Magnolia beer I have ever had, to be honest, and obviously a pils isn't known for being hoppy (I am very much over hoppy beers). Maybe I just got lucky with that one.

                When it comes to local brews, I'm a Linden Street man! That black lager is my favorite beer, period. Local or otherwise. However, last time I was at the brewery they had tapped some Hop Candy, which (of course) I found waaaay too hoppy. One sip was plenty.

                There is a bay area beer thread here somewhere, right? Will look for it and meet you there.

                  1. re: bbulkow

                    Great thread and a correction is warranted from me after reading your tasting notes--it was the kolsch I had at PSC, not a pils. All this imbibing has obviously taken a toll on my already feeble memory.