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Mar 4, 2013 05:23 PM

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (Abbot Kinney, Venice) is no more

and Govind Armstorng is coming in:

holy #*&! that was a quick turnover.

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    1. re: latindancer

      I have admit I never managed to try it, even though it's in my neighborhood. Some sort of odd sense of loyalty to the chefs from the original pop-up version. Plus I have trouble dragging myself away from Gjelina and Tasting Kitchen. I am curious to see what Armstrong does though.

    2. Interesting. WiSC was nominally Southern and now something that promises to be even closer to the real thing.

      1. I like Armstrong.... Curious to see how he manages two restaurants on opposite sides of the county.

        1. I had brunch here last Saturday, and there was no clue that anything was changing. I hadn't dined at the original popup and liked the place - their shrimp and grits were excellent. Interesting to see what happens next.

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          1. re: FoodObsessive

            Yeah, I really liked their shrimp and grits also.