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Mar 4, 2013 02:53 PM

Places to eat near Verizon Center?

Husband and I are headed to the Verizon Center for the Caps game on Thursday night and was looking for some places to go before the game. He's not a very adventurous eater, but as long as the place has burgers/ pizza, he'll be content. I on the other hand will eat pretty much eat anything.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Grafiatto - The Pizza is delicious, you'll love the pasta and other things, and it is right across the street...

    1. If you want pizza (and a burger) I would go to Matchbox.

      Grafiatto is fine, but its strong suit isn't pizza, but the apps and some of the pastas.

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        Matchbox does seem the no-brainer. but gets jammed sometimes.

      2. It might be a mad house, so get there early, but Matchbox might fit the bill. They have good pizza and delicious mini burgers. Also salads and some entrees.

        Another option would be to go to Graffiato (make a reservation if you can). Italian-American small plates. The pizzas are great as well as the brussel sprouts, hand cut spaghetti and you must try the pepperoni sauce.

        1. Thanks for the suggestions so far, everyone! My main concern is the wait. We'll be taking the Metro from Greenbelt and if it does snow later this week, I'm sure that'll slow us down more. I was looking on Google Maps just to see what was around and I noticed that District of Pi is close. How is that place?

          The next time when we have more time, I definitely want to go to Grafiatto. After watching Top Chef All Stars, I want to try the pepperoni sauce.

          (I hope I replied on the right thing, not really used to this format for a forum.)

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            I was going to mention District of Pi for the pizza - I've not had anything else there, and frankly don't even know what else is on the menu. I liked the pizza, though - nice crust (I think it claims to be "St. Louis style," fwiw) - and they have a great beer selection.

            1. re: VaPaula

              and while Pi is STL style, it's _W/O_ the Provel no less. so it might actually be good to those unfamiliar with that stuff.

              another place around there on 7th is RFD, basic bar-type food done better than your basic bar. it gets loud, but since you're there for a game anyway.

              and Hooter's does have darn good wings...

            2. re: joyousle

              The one thing about Graffiato is that the entire left hand side of the first floor is 1st come-1st served counter, very easy to walk in and find a place for 1 or two....And nice and toasty in the Winter next to the wood-burning ovens...

              1. re: tommyskitchen

                We walked in and sat there on Sunday night. It was a great way to thaw out after being out in the cold all day.