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Mar 4, 2013 02:11 PM

Florence, Tuscany and Rome

Hi all, We're planning another (kinda) last minute trip and could use some help. What do you think of this itinerary? It's mostly based on friends' recommendations and searching this forum. There are a bunch of gaps (mostly lunches) that we could use some help with too.

Day 1
dinner at Enoteca Pinchiorri
Day 2
lunch at ‘Ino
dinner at La Giostra
Day 3
lunch with Garga’s cooking class
dinner at Tre Panche

I'm really on the fence about Enoteca Pinchiorri. Is it worth it? Both in terms of cost and in terms of giving up a night that we could be doing another meal. I'm thinking maybe a place to try bistecca al sangue instead (Sostanza?).

Some potential alternatives for Florence are:
Mercato Centrale di San Lorenzo
Acqua al 2
Ristorante Buca Mario
Osteria del Cinghiale Bianco

Day 4
lunch at hotel (Castello di Casole)
dinner somewhere in Casole d'Elsa?
Day 5
wine tours at Altesino and Poggio Antico
lunch at Il Leccio
dinner at Trattoria Chirbiri

Day 6
nothing planned?!?!?
Day 7
lunch at Sora Margherita
dinner at Felice
Day 8
dinner at Da Vitoe Dina

Some potential additions/alternatives for Rome are:
Ai Tre Scalini
Da Francesco
Antica Enoteca
La Barrique
Panificio Bonci

Thanks for any input!


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  1. Thanks for doing some research first. I'll comment city by city:

    I really don't think Enoteca Pinchiorri is worth the price. It is very good, but the prices are just so outrageously out of control, that it just doesn't make sense unless a) money is no object or b) you can really take advantage of their extraordinary wine selection.

    Giostra, Garga and Tre Panche are - I belive - favorites with American tourists. Better choices in this kind of range are Santo Bevitore, Sostanza, and Cipolla Rossa.

    Aqcua al 2 hasn't been very good in about 15 years. Buca Mario and Cinghiale Bianco are alright, but you'll do better at the places I"ve mentioned above.

    I prefer Perilli to Felice, in Testaccio. Less pretentious,and better food.

    Ai Tre Scalini: do you mean the wine bar in Monti? A great place to stop for a drink.
    Pizzarium: Pizza by the slice, standing up. But fantastic! Perfect for lunch.
    Panificio Bonci: Really only a bakery.
    La Barrique: Great wines, I"m not a huge fan of their food.

    If you go through the boards here on Chowhound, you'll find lots more advice for Rome.

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    1. re: minchilli

      Are reservations needed at Perilli for dinner? How would I make a reservation for one?

      1. re: chowing kat

        Yes, it's usually best to reserve. Especially on a weekend. How do you make a reservation for 1? Same as making any reservation.

        1. re: minchilli

          Is there an email address of phone # for them that I can use? I asked about reservations for 1 because I've had places that wouldn't take a res for 1, but put me at the bar instead.

      2. re: minchilli

        What about Danilo? We were there last month. Your comments on this place, for my tastes, were great!! What was even more revealing about your "reporting" is that the owners were not aware of your recommendation. In my opinion that only adds to the credibility and objectivity of your blog. Also went to "Romeo Chef and Baker"' have forgotten the young woman's name who was a partner, (from USA), had a nice chat with her comparing notes on being a restaurant owners.

      3. Ciao- i live not too far away from Casole D'Elsa ( lovely lovely spot) have heard great things about the restaurant there.
        There is a michelin star restaurant in Colle Val D'Elsa not too far away, Arnolfo.

        I prefer driving at lunch time and "staying in" at night-- it is a long dark road!

        Enoteca pinchiori? the people that adore it-- go for the wine!
        I have lived in florence since 1984, and only been once.
        500 euro a person with wine pairing?

        would rather have steak-- and if you want to have steak, why not head out to panzano and eat the steak orgy at Macelleria Cecchini-- does a sunday lunch--- or any of the trattoria's.

        1. Forget Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence and go to Trattoria Sostanza (Il Troia) on Via Porcellana. Not much to look at, but the food is terrific.

          1. Definitely stop at trattoria monti in rome. The rabbit and flan are excellent and the service/ owners are delightful!

            1. Enoteca Pinchiorri has recently gotten the reputation that it's not up to snuff and is overpriced for what it does offer. So caveat emptor...
              If you're oltrarno and want a quick bite you can go to la volpe e l'uva. They make a sinful sausage panino. It's primarily a wine tasting place that offers good food. Back on the 'duomo' side, I have not been in a while but gustavino's was good. The only reason I stopped going is because the menu seemed to never change and got bored.
              It's hard to find good places to eat in the center. Most are mediocre and pricey for what they offer. I'd be interested to hear your experience on the places you decide to go to.