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Mar 4, 2013 02:07 PM

sunday lunch in bellevue or kirkland recommendations?

hi everyone,
i am meeting friends from duvall for lunch this coming sunday. we will meet in kirkland or bellevue, depending on your recommendations.
i think thai and chinese would be acceptable to my friends, but i think mostly western type foods like italian, maybe mexican and "regular"
new-american-bistro fare. a bit on the upper price range will be ok but nothing Cafe Juanita price range.
what is Hector's in kirkland like? are there any other suggestions other than kirkland or bellevue?

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  1. Trellis or Volterra in Kirkland meet your criteria.

    1. In DT Bellevue, Lot 3 is my current favorite.
      Din Tai Fung is a good choice, but you're probably in for a decent wait for a Sunday lunch.
      John Howie (steaks/burgers), Facing East (Chinese/Taiwanese), Chantanee (Thai), Monsoon East are also nice choices.

      I don't really love anything in Kirkland, but if I had to choose, Volterra or Trellis would probably be it.

      1. Skip Hector's.

        Trellis would be a good place for Kirkland.

        Maybe Purple Cafe or their offshoot Lot No. 3 in Bellevue?