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Mar 4, 2013 02:05 PM

Sunny Restaurant - El Monte

Second time we visited the place.

Neighborhood is definitely depressed with empty shop fronts.

Lunch specials are definitely worth it. Sizes are excellent IMO for lunch....not the crazy Claim Jumper size.

Tried 2 items today:

1. Hunan Lamb
More gamey than expected. Probably due to less use of garlic vs how it is done at Hunan places.

2. Pig Kidney with Sesame oil and ginger
Not bad. Would order this again; but Cafe Fusion might has a slight edge (but $$$$ more too)

All in excellent lunch venue. Tried the steam tilapia previous and it was pretty standard/fresh. There are more interesting items on the menu to try.

Hope this mom & pop (literally) shop sticks around.

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  1. As we discussed in a prior thread, this is a Cafe Fusion spinoff so the location is more of a surprise than the quality of the food