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Mar 4, 2013 01:39 PM

Seoul food tour + INC airport question

Hi, we'll have a 2 nights layover at Incheon airport. This is probably the only time we'd visit Korea, so we'd like to have at least a taste of the country. Can you recommend a private food oriented tour of Seoul? We need a private tour because we'll have our 18 month old twins with us and we need to get home if it gets too much for them.

Also, since we're stuck at the airport (we'll probably stay at the Hyatt hotel), are there any good restaurants we should try in the airport before security or in the hotels nearby? Eventually in the town itself? Thanks!

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  1. Hi Sasicka, if you would like a specialized food tour perhaps this might suit you?

    The main man (Daniel Gray) running the tours also blogs on Seoul food at so you can check it out to see if the type of places are what you're looking for. Disclaimer, I haven't taken any of his tours but have checked out his blog for ideas.

    The City of Seoul actually offers free guided walking tours as well, but these aren't food-oriented:

    Lastly, if you feel up to a bit of planning, the Seoul Tourism website also provides a wealth of info here:
    The food they feature tends to be more down-home & rustic, and some of the locations require a bit of navigation. With two young children it might be more challenging to manage but just putting out that option for you to look at anyway.

    Just a thought, if you have two nights, do you really want to stay at Hyatt Regency Incheon? The food options at the airport are pretty average (I think the best option may be Bon Pi Yang, the casual offshoot of Byeokje Galbi, which is near the AREX - airport train - station) and it only takes between 45 - 55 min train ride to get from the airport to Seoul Station. You could alternatively explore Incheon city, but if you think you might not visit Korea again any time soon, then I think it's worth visiting Seoul.

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      I agree with RipCurl, I had dinner at Jayeon @ Incheon Airport in May last year before I took my plane. Thinking that it's run by the Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel, it should be good, but turned out the food tasted pretty average - most places in downtown Seoul would do better.

      But service was quick and efficient, so if you're in a hurry, this place is it.