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Mar 4, 2013 01:28 PM

GG's Wood-Fired Pizza - Milford, CT (former Bar-BQ site)

After a bit of a misunderstanding upon pre-ordering a take-out order for pizzas at 4:50 PM for 5:30 PM pickup, I arrived at the restaurant at 5:39 PM only to have my card charged and then be told, "OK. We will put your order in;" I received my pizzas close to 6PM. I did speak with the manager who told me he prefers to wait until the callers arrive before they put the pizza in the oven as they only take three-five minute to cook, and he likes the guests to receive them as fresh as possible. I question this timing philosophy when your restaurant and ovens are jammed. I hope in the future, they will just explain this to those calling in ahead for take-out especially since the place was jamming on a Friday night around 5:30 PM with a very long wait for table service. He did send me on my way with a gratis container of cookies and an incredible slice of heavenly very homemade tasting tira mi su. Thank you, George!

Anyway, I had to post a thread because the pizza was truly awesome. It was worth the wait, and I hope to go back very soon. Very thin crusted and crispy edges. We ordered a sausage and a cheese and a vodka which was a white pie with vodka sauce, three cheeses, ricotta, fresh basil and pancetta. The quality of the ingredients was top notch. Sausage was incredible. I took a menu to go, and my mouth is now drooling to go back and try some of their entrees, and I'm dying to try their duck pie that says it is wood-fired duck, carmelized onions, fontina and balsamic glaze! And what about their entrees that can be ordered family style or individual--that is a nice option, especially with kids in tow. And wood-fired wings with choice of topping style (YUM!) We will go back, and I'm looking forward to it. Nice story on their take-out menu how the owner got his start working at a pizza place on Madison Avenue in Bridgeport. Kudos to local Bridgeport Native!

I have spoken to some friends who have dined in and said service was a bit slow, but I'm sure they have to get the kinks out. From the quick looks of it, the old Bar BQ was again renovated a bit, and they have a projection screen where you can see the pizza chefs placing their pies in the oven that is supposedly straight from Italy. Oddly, I don't ever smell much wood when I drive by, but I don't care as the pies were excellent.

Also, the bar was packed with folks waiting to be seated. I think they are only open for lunch and dinner during the week and dinner only on Saturday and Sunday. I wish them all the best in this city of a million pizza joints. I hope they shine!

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  1. Looks great! And they make their own root beer? I wanna go! Any pics, cheereo? I took a quick look at their page, but would love to see more.

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      Root beer float was on their specials chalkboard!!! No pics as we only took out and we were in such a rush to eat and go, no time for camera action.

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        :) Makes me think of Snoopy! Serious biz, gotta get there. Thanks for letting us know!

    2. We stopped in on a Saturday night around 6, and the place was a madhouse. MUCH too small to hold the waiting crowds (they should consider enclosing the front overhang as a "waiting area." Despite every table being filled, the waitresses seemed more intent on congregating around the register and sniping at each other. After nearly 1/2 hour, we were seated in a back corner booth - the hardwood floors do not absorb any of the sound, and the din was overwhelming - there were 3 of us, and we were literally shouting to each other over the table to be heard. Service was slow and disorganized. Repeated requests (3, at our count) for some glasses of water went unfulfilled. We ordered three sodas, and she brought two. We ordered the meatball appetizer and a mushroom pie - it was almost 20 minutes until the app came out, and another 25 for the pizza. The pizza was OK - nothing that would entice me to endure this chaos again. The final insult to the experience came when we received the bill...$47!! Needless to say, we did NOT have a good experience, and none of us are inclined to return any time soon.

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        We ate there last night. Also very packed (especially for a Tuesday night.) I disagree about the service, despite the crowd we got our pies in a decent amount of time and the servers were super polite and helpful. . But, despite that, I can't say that we'll be back. The pies were OK but nothing extraordinary (we got 3 smalls.) But I agree that things are a bit over priced and,I know this sounds petty but, I have a real disdain for eating on paper plates when I go out to dinner. At the prices we were charged would it kill them to use some real plates? I find it insulting to eat off paper plates

        While I find it heartening that that once depressing spot is now active again, I think we'll stick with New Haven when we go out for pizza.