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Mar 4, 2013 12:57 PM

Week in East / Central Florida

will be spending a week based in Port St. Lucie and am looking for confirmation of my choices for lunches/supper from fellow chowhounds. Suggestions and comments are of course welcome.

New England Fish Market in Jensen Beach
Guanabanas in Jupiter
Kloiber’s Cobbler Eatery in Titusville

The Sailor's Return in Stuart
Wahoo's on the Waterfront also in Stuart

Looking for suggestions in Fort Pierce also.

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  1. Bouy 12A or On the Edge in Ft. Pierce are both interesting.

    1. I know this is two weeks old, but if you're going to be in Titusville it's hard to beat Dixie Crossroads. It's hardly unknown, and the masses mass there, but it's still really good even to a chowhound, especially in rock shrimp season. The "red shrimp" are good too, as well as the grilled oysters. The little bombolini (not filled but covered with powdered sugar) they give you to start are addictive, not to mention appetite-killers if you're not careful.