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Where can I find Lay's Chicken & Waffles, etc in LA?

I've been dying to try the three Lay's flavors but am wondering where I can pick up a few bags in the mid-Wilshire area. Thanks!

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  1. I think any chain grocery that carries Lays. Ralphs for sure will have it.

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      No, they don't. I have been to 2 or 3 Ralph's looking for these and they aren't there. I really would like to know who carries them as I am curious to try them.

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        I know people who got them at vons

    2. Saw them at Target. I didn't like the Siracha ones though.

      1. Hmm. I could have sworn I saw them there. The only other places Ive been in the last week or two has been Target and Gelsons, so it must have been one of those.

        1. It varies, as they can sell out quickly. I tried them last night, and I don't think you're missing much if you can't find them.

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            They had a free giveaway day a week or so ago and my friend got an entire trunkful, including the new doritos jacked flavor. All four ranged from borderline gross to not very good (IMHO). Needless to say, if anyone is unsuccessful in their hunt and still wanting a taste, they're welcome to our stash.

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              So what would i have to do for you to send me some?

          2. I saw all three of them at Walgreen's yesterday...

              1. Any walgreens will have them. It their item of the month for March. Try Wilshire & Dunsmuir or 6th & vermont locations up at the checkout

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                  Most of the Walgreens have sold out also. At least up here in the S.F. bay area.

                2. The Walgreens locations I've visited have had all three, but in the small snack size bag. Where in Los Angeles would the large, full size bags be found? Thanks.

                  1. The demand for these chips far out weighed what was originally ordered. Toward the end of this week and next week all of the flavors should be readily available.

                    One bit of advise though. If you see a FL driver in a store please don't ask about the chips. If he had them, they would be in the store.

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                      My initial thought was "Why would a driver from Florida know anything about chips in LA."

                    2. I've seen them at Walmart, Albertson's and Smith's ( which is Ralph's/Kroger in Vegas).

                      1. Can anyone help and name *specific* stores and *locations* where these flavors are still available? Places where I once found them, such as the Walgreens at Sunset and Western, no longer have them, and I have yet to find anywhere that carries the full size bags, which is what I've been looking for. Please help. Thanks in advance.

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                          Bought a bag at the Chevron on Pico and 14th in Santa Monica on Sunday.

                        2. I just saw them covnenience store in the Chevron on 14th & Pico if that helps.

                          1. i wonder if i'm the only who thinks it taste like lotion...

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                              What kind of lotion? I only eat the free range organic variety.

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                                I ran into a Lay's delivery guy who said that they would be coming back for a short time this Summer. Where have you seen them?

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                                  I haven't looked for them to buy, but in this week's Vons' advertisement they show a picture of the 3 flavors and list them at 2 for $6. Don't have the ad handy, but I think it was around page 6.

                              2. My understanding is that Lay’s Cheese Garlic Bread potato chips will be coming soon to a grocery store near you because it was the winner of the three flavors contest. By-by to the two other flavors including Chicken & Waffles and Siracha.

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                                  Your understanding is wrong. I put the garlic bread and siracha in designated stores on Thursday. And chicken & waffles will be in stock next week.

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                                    I found all 3 tonight at the Von's on Sunset and Virgil in Hollywood, after striking out at Ralphs at Rodeo and La Brea, and the Pavilions in Culver City. They were set apart from all the other chip displays and they were near the register. It looked like they were going fast.