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Mar 4, 2013 12:47 PM

Fun and inexpensive winery recommendations in Sebastapol area

Going wine tasting with my sister soon. I'm trying to find wineries that she would enjoy. Places that aren't too stuffy and with inexpensive options. Lodi or livermore would've been great but sonoma makes for a better overnight trip. Planning to eat breakfast in marin county close to the GG bridge. Then over to point reyes for some oysters, some sight seeing around the point reyes area, and wine tasting on the way back towards Santa Rosa.

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  1. Wind Gap and Ryme in Forestville. Appointment only.

    Paul Matthews in Graton.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      + one for Paul Matthews. Also, if you like chardonnay, try Taft Street, off Occidental Rd. They have a chard that they did not put thru malolactic fermentation that is very good, and reminescent of a Chablis.

    2. If you're planning to go this upcoming weekend, bear in mind that this will be the second weekend of the Wine Road Barrel Tasting event. 107 wineries are participating, many of them near the Sebastopol area and most of those will be closed to the general public as the event attracts a few thousand ticketholders. Since you have plans other than wine tasting, this probably is not an event suited for your day. This link for the event has the list of participating wineries that you'll want to avoid. I had hoped there was one for association wineries who were not taking part (and therefore would be open to the public), but it's not up on the site. I know that the wineries in the event have a hand-out listing non-event wineries that they give you when they turn you away at the door.

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        Thanks for the warning, saved me some frustration. Saw some blurbs about the barrel tasting weekend didn't realize it was a big ticketed event. My nephew is coming and they're restricting entry at participating wineries to 21 and over.