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Special occasion restaurant reco needed, vegan friendly!

I need to find a restaurant in lower Manhattan (below 23rd street) or Brooklyn that is very special occasion, preferably has a tasting menu, and is very friendly to vegans. Only 1 of the 4 of us is vegan, so it needs to work for the omnivores and the vegan. Also it must take reservations!

I had my eye on Dirt Candy, but they are full the night I want to go (April 13), and Kajitsu is temporarily closed. Pure Food and Wine is an option, but they don't start taking reservations more than 1 month in advance (it's too soon still).

Thanks for your recommendations!

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  1. What's your budget?

    If you can go somewhere that's on 23rd St, the EMP vegan tasting menu looks great:

    1. Kathryn, budget is up to $150/person. Hopefully less though! I'll check out EMP, thanks.

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        Also give Public a call -- their menu is vegetarian friendly and can be modified. I know that they are happy to do off-the-menu vegan tasting menus as well.

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          Thanks, Kathryn. I think EMP is going to be too pricey, but public looks like a good option. thanks!

      2. Picholine will accommodate vegan restrictions.

        1. Brushstroke. They have 3 different tasting menus. One is vegetarian and really very good. I think it would be considered vegan.

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            Wow. This looks perfect. My top choice. Thanks. I have to wait, still too early to make my april reservation. Thanks!

          2. My vegan daughter loves Han Gawi

            1. If you're willing to spend that kind of money, any of the NYT four-star/top three-star restaurants will go out of their way to cater to vegans if you give them advance warning. I used to date a vegan, and the top restaurants used to pride themselves on creating menus for her. But, of course, these are very expensive restaurants.

              OOPS -- reading down I see these are out of your budget range. Sorry.