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Mar 4, 2013 11:21 AM

Hound approved happy hours 2013

I'm broke and want to get smashed while eating some decent food. Where do I go? Craft cocktail happy hours, do they exist?

The only "happy hour" I know of that's worth a damn is Raw Bar Monday's @ Delphine's in Hollywood. $1 east coast oysters, $2 west coast, $4 prosecco's = win

Need some more!

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      NICE, through the cole's HH link:

      Happy Hour at 213

      Check our chalkboards for nightly specials
      Broadway Bar
      Happy Hour: Tuesday to Friday, 5PM – 8PM
      $3 All Beers
      $2 Off Everything Else

      Caña Rum Bar
      La Hora de Oro: Friday, 6PM – 8PM
      $6 Daiquiris and Mojitos – includes membership to Caña (usually $20)

      Casey's Irish Pub
      Happy Hour: All Night Monday & Sunday
      Tuesday to Saturday, 3PM – 7PM
      $3 PBR
      $4 well cocktails
      $5 Jameson, and $2 off all appetizers
      Irish Happy Hour: Tuesday & Wednesday, 11PM – Midnight
      $2 off all Irish Whiskeys
      $1 off Guinness, Smithwick’s and Harp,
      $2 off Irish Coffee

      Cole's Red Car Bar
      $5 Happy Hour: Monday to Friday, 3PM – 7PM
      Tuesday, All Day & Night
      $5 French dip slider trio with fries (pastrami, beef and turkey)
      $5 BBQ pork sliders trio with fries
      $5 Saloon special
      $5 Manhattans
      $5 Draft beer

      Golden Gopher
      Happy Hour: All Night Sunday & Monday, 8PM – 2AM
      Tuesday to Friday, 5PM – 8PM
      $5 well drinks
      $2 off of everything else

      Las Perlas
      Happy Hour: All Night Monday
      Tuesday to Friday, 7PM – 8PM
      $6 margaritas
      $2 off cocktails & spirits
      $1 off beer & wine

      Seven Grand
      Seven Grand DTLA Happy Hour:
      Daily until 7PM
      $5 Classic Cocktails
      $4 Beer Specials
      Seven Grand San Diego Happy Hour:
      Monday to Wednesday, 5PM – 8PM
      $5 House Cocktails
      $4 Draft Beers

      Tony's Saloon
      Happy Hour: All Night Sunday & Monday
      Tuesday to Friday, 5PM – 8PM
      $2 off cocktails & spirits
      $1 off beer & wine
      $3 Schlitz & Tecate
      Pizzanista pizza combos

      The Varnish
      Specials Vary Nightly

    2. Sunday night: Corner Door Culver, beer/burger (ground in house, interesting texture, at bargain at this price)/fries: $15
      Old Fashioned $5

      Thirsty Crow's $5 old fashioned til 8:00 P.M.

      Dragon Centro (3) $5 cocktails all night.

      Oldfield's $7 cocktails til 9:00

      Sadly, Urbano's 50% pizza offer is gone, obvs cuz the restaurant is gone.

      Sell the VOSS water from yesterday for alcohol?

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      1. re: TonyC

        drago centro's happy hour is pretty stellar.

        1. re: TonyC

          Drago Centro's bar menu (aka Happy Hour) is not just at night. It's all the time. Love love DC.

        2. i was just in el criollo in burbank the other day, and they claimed to have $2.95 mojitos on monday.

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          1. re: linus

            According to their website, their food menu is also discounted by 25% on Mojito Mondays.

          2. Zengo happy hour at the Santa Monica Place:

            $6 cocktails and $5 small plates. Love their empanadas.