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Hound approved happy hours 2013

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I'm broke and want to get smashed while eating some decent food. Where do I go? Craft cocktail happy hours, do they exist?

The only "happy hour" I know of that's worth a damn is Raw Bar Monday's @ Delphine's in Hollywood. $1 east coast oysters, $2 west coast, $4 prosecco's = win

Need some more!

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      NICE, through the cole's HH link:

      Happy Hour at 213

      Check our chalkboards for nightly specials
      Broadway Bar
      Happy Hour: Tuesday to Friday, 5PM – 8PM
      $3 All Beers
      $2 Off Everything Else

      Caña Rum Bar
      La Hora de Oro: Friday, 6PM – 8PM
      $6 Daiquiris and Mojitos – includes membership to Caña (usually $20)

      Casey's Irish Pub
      Happy Hour: All Night Monday & Sunday
      Tuesday to Saturday, 3PM – 7PM
      $3 PBR
      $4 well cocktails
      $5 Jameson, and $2 off all appetizers
      Irish Happy Hour: Tuesday & Wednesday, 11PM – Midnight
      $2 off all Irish Whiskeys
      $1 off Guinness, Smithwick’s and Harp,
      $2 off Irish Coffee

      Cole's Red Car Bar
      $5 Happy Hour: Monday to Friday, 3PM – 7PM
      Tuesday, All Day & Night
      $5 French dip slider trio with fries (pastrami, beef and turkey)
      $5 BBQ pork sliders trio with fries
      $5 Saloon special
      $5 Manhattans
      $5 Draft beer

      Golden Gopher
      Happy Hour: All Night Sunday & Monday, 8PM – 2AM
      Tuesday to Friday, 5PM – 8PM
      $5 well drinks
      $2 off of everything else

      Las Perlas
      Happy Hour: All Night Monday
      Tuesday to Friday, 7PM – 8PM
      $6 margaritas
      $2 off cocktails & spirits
      $1 off beer & wine

      Seven Grand
      Seven Grand DTLA Happy Hour:
      Daily until 7PM
      $5 Classic Cocktails
      $4 Beer Specials
      Seven Grand San Diego Happy Hour:
      Monday to Wednesday, 5PM – 8PM
      $5 House Cocktails
      $4 Draft Beers

      Tony's Saloon
      Happy Hour: All Night Sunday & Monday
      Tuesday to Friday, 5PM – 8PM
      $2 off cocktails & spirits
      $1 off beer & wine
      $3 Schlitz & Tecate
      Pizzanista pizza combos

      The Varnish
      Specials Vary Nightly

    2. Sunday night: Corner Door Culver, beer/burger (ground in house, interesting texture, at bargain at this price)/fries: $15
      Old Fashioned $5

      Thirsty Crow's $5 old fashioned til 8:00 P.M.

      Dragon Centro (3) $5 cocktails all night.

      Oldfield's $7 cocktails til 9:00

      Sadly, Urbano's 50% pizza offer is gone, obvs cuz the restaurant is gone.

      Sell the VOSS water from yesterday for alcohol?

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      1. re: TonyC

        drago centro's happy hour is pretty stellar.

        1. re: TonyC

          Drago Centro's bar menu (aka Happy Hour) is not just at night. It's all the time. Love love DC.

        2. i was just in el criollo in burbank the other day, and they claimed to have $2.95 mojitos on monday.

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          1. re: linus

            According to their website, their food menu is also discounted by 25% on Mojito Mondays.

          2. Zengo happy hour at the Santa Monica Place:

            $6 cocktails and $5 small plates. Love their empanadas.

              1. Hit up Morton's Power Hour (Burbank) last night for the first time.

                $8 cocktails, GF had a cosmopolitan I had the mojito. Both good and fairly stiff. Beers are 5.50.

                $6-$7 bar bites, had the following
                iceberg wedge bites - basically wedge salad sampler. they definitely don't skimp on the toppings (cheese/bacon) but honestly I wish there were more lettuce!

                chicken goujonettes - pretty much glorified chicken tenders, but they tasted damn good

                truffle parm matchstick fries - they were done well but could have used more trufffle AND parm flavor

                3 burger sliders - ehhh meat was dryer than I expected (i love their prime burger...) and there was no mayo to be found

                shrimp cocktail - $4.50 PER SHRIMP. totally not worth it

                oysters - $2.50 per, infinitely better value than the shrimp

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                1. re: ns1

                  their burger is exceptional, but i don't remember it being priced any lower at happy hour.

                  it's tough to get smashed on craft coctials at a chepaer price point.

                  yeah, cole's might work, but it's not that much cheaper, i think i spent about 40 bucks for two drinks, a fries, and maybe a slice of pie with the sandwich. Sio doesn't sound like too much of a deal.

                  1. re: kevin

                    it's $17 bucks so there is no break at the bar, but it's served all day @ the bar vs lunch only in the main area.

                    the burger is SO MUCH better than the sliders it's not even funny.

                    1. re: ns1

                      That reminds me I better get down there and try it out again.

                      It's been quite some time since I last had it.

                      It is a pretty big hamburger though, 13 oz if I'm not mistaken, even bigger than most bloated behemoths around town.

                      1. re: kevin

                        yep, 13oz of wet aged glory + bacon + mushrooms. Me + the SO can't even finish 1.

                2. If you get in the woodland hills area, Monty's on Topanga has ridiculously stout drinks and free food, pretty good food also. They truly take care of you at Happy Hours, but warning, it is some OLD SCHOOL Crowd...stories are great at the bar.

                  1. FIG at Five is a great deal. 50% off everything. Unfortunately I don't think I save any money because I order wine that is twice as expensive as I usually buy. But it's twice as good for the same price! They have great cocktails too.

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                    1. Vito has the best happy hour in town. $6 Bolognese and also their famous De La Casa Pasta. Drinks are $5. Caprese, Carpaccio, Sausage and Peppers, Mozzerella Marinara and more - all about $5 or $6

                      1. I walk by Matteo's (on Westwood Blvd.) all the time and noticed they'd posted a happy hour menu. 5 to 8:30 Tuesday through Friday and Sunday. I hadn't been there in decades, but heard they had a new chef and the food was pretty good. So I checked it out with a friend the other night. We were both impressed. We had the same items--a chopped salad (nice sized, very good, $7) and an Italian fish taco. I'm not sure what made it Italian (the sauce on the side?) but it was very fresh and good. Made with sole. Very light. They had lots of other items on the menu. I saw some go by. They all looked good. They had cocktail specials and $5 glasses of wine. (a white and a red) I ordered wine from the regular menu, but it was still a great deal. The crowd is a little older (though I was there on a Sunday night) but the noise level was great and the staff was very nice. I'll definitely go back.

                        1. I'm interested in the Hollywood-ish happy hours. Are any of the places in the responses so far in H'wd? Other than the Delphine oyster place?

                          I've gone to Ca Brea and Street with friends from work, and the food was pretty tasty. I would give Street the nod over Ca Brea, and we are looking to try a new place each month...


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                          1. re: sasha1

                            next door lounge in hollywood has some pretty fantastic hh deals

                          2. I'd love to get more recs as well!

                            I'm always looking for a truly great deal where I can fill up on a whole meal plus good drinks.

                            Here's some I like:
                            Backstage in culver city. The food is cheap and plentiful, though its all bad for you. The mac and cheese is killer here!

                            Culver Hotel:Fish tacos were really good and good price on Happy Hour. The atmosphere is very elegant, nice touch.

                            Enterprise Fish Co in Santa Monica- dollar oysters, fish tacos, big cheap beers, poke, satays, and more. And the hours are more extended than most HH (all night sunday)

                            Kay and Dave's in Culver City (can you tell where I live?) - not healthy at all but very cheap tacos, mexican pizza, quesadilla etc. It gets super crowded though and the margaritas are weak, stick to beer or wine.

                            Fig at five is bomb. Really nice food. It's not the same as "happy hour" because you sit at a table, you tip on the real price, etc.

                            St.Felix- (one in hollywood, one in west hollywood)

                            Ones on my list I haven't gotten to yet:

                            Il Moro (free buffet with buying one drink or more)


                            Cinco LA (playa vista)

                            Coast at Shutters on the Beach (1.50 fish tacos, lots of food under $5)

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                            1. re: sarahbeths

                              Really coast at shutters on the beach has cheap prices ? that's the more sit down restaurant next to pedals, right ???


                              1. re: sarahbeths

                                re: kay and dave's margaritas

                                imho, they are not weak.
                                also, they are one of the very few places in town that make their margaritas with fresh lime juice hand squeezed THAT AFTERNOON at the restaurant.

                                i've never tried any of their food, but i do think highly of their margaritas and of their tequila list.

                                1. re: westsidegal

                                  I met a friend there last weekend for happy hour (her suggestion. My first time there). I will agree w/ westsidegal about the margaritas. Ours were decently potent and I also loved the fresh lime juice. For $5 ea they were very tasty and a great deal.

                                  We ordered many things off the hh menu----none of them were great, but we needed something to soak up the margaritas. Out of all the items we ordered the mini spinach quesadillas and the guac were passable.

                                  1. re: LAgirl2

                                    I would rather eat Taco Bell than what they pass for Mexican food. At least the one in cc has a liquor license..... The one here in the palisades is just beer and wine, and they try to make margaritas with wine. Just brutal.

                                    1. re: Dirtywextraolives

                                      I don't like their food that much, either, but the super cheap tacos and quesdillas during happy hour are fine to satiate hunger while getting drinks. Their attempt at real meals are not good or worth their normal prices. Westsidegal, I'll have to give their margs another try! Maybe I had bad luck the time I tried them. Happy to try again :)

                              2. Toscanova in Century City, Chaya Downtown, Il Moro. Great happy hour prices and food. Toscanova's happy hour lasts until closing, delicious happy hour menu, good prices, wine $6.