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Mar 4, 2013 10:48 AM

Suggestions for Lunch or Dinner - Cobble Hill or Brooklyn Heights

Foodies from Philly going to NY Transit Museum in Brooklyn Heights this Saturday. We are going to have either lunch before or an early dinner after. We'd love to experience Brooklyn these days as I've never been. Help?!

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  1. Usual questions. What's your budget and likes/dislikes.

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    1. re: Bkeats

      Sorry - I should have posted these requirements.

      Our budget is very flexible - we enjoy fine dining. We also definitely want a bar as we will order bottles of wine. As for likes/dislikes, we are also really open; however, we do want something a bit more upscale.

      Not sure about our schedule yet which is why I don't know if it's lunch or dinner. thanks!

      1. re: evansaunt

        No contest -- Colonie or La Vara. Both are an easy 10 minute walk from the museum. Both are excellent. Both are high end Brooklyn. Read the NYTimes review of each to choose between.

        (Hibino is fine but not special. Jack is an excellent neighborhood place but the one place someone should choose if from our of town and Henry's End is... tired.)

        Oh, and full disclosure -- that Colonie review in the Times? The photo? That's me and my wife. ;-)

        1. re: Peter

          "Jack is an excellent neighborhood place but the one place someone should choose if from our of town and Henry's End is... tired."

          Peter, I think something got lost here as I can't make sense of it.

          1. re: Bkeats

            I agree that Colonie is the cream of the neighborhood and recommend it wholeheartedly. If you end up needing a less formal 2nd meal, think about Mile End (for lunch, with dinner at Colonie topping off a great day).

            Note that at Colonie you may need to wait.

            For what it's worth, I interpreted Peter's comment as:

            (a) Jack is an excellent neighborhood but NOT the one place to choose if from OUT of town, and
            (b) Henry's End is tired.

            1. re: cazique

              That's correct -- sorry for the garbled text. That's what happens when I post late at night from my phone. :-/

    2. Henry's End is excellent.

      1. There is another thread covering some of the same ground going on. You can check it here

        I will reiterate Colonie.

        For a completely different choice if you have more room in your budget, I will point you to La Vara for Spanish/tapas. Quite nice, but all the small plates can add up.

        Hibino is my favorite Japanese in the area. Their daily specials are always worth exploring.

        For the high end experience, Saul's is a good choice. One of the few Michelin star places in the area.

        1. I also like Hibino. For an early dinner, Noodle Pudding is delicious - I like it even more than Henry's End. Jack the Horse is our go-to bistro with very nice cocktails. I'd also consider the new new Grimaldi's - not the Grimaldis that moved to the corner, but the new place with the old oven that is owned by the Grimaldis family. I'm sure many hounds know more about it than I do, but if nothing else, it will make a good story for back home.

          And if you see a cat at the transit museum, give it a nuzzle for me.

          1. Thanks so much for the suggestions. My friend really wants to have brunch at Teresa's in Brookly Heights. Doesn't sound great from the reviews, but we will compromise by having after museum drinks and snacks at either La Vara or Colonie. thanks!

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            1. re: evansaunt

              Ummm... Teresa's is an ok neighborhood diner. Zero ambiance (think fake plastic plants and wobbly tables). Toddlers throwing french fries. Hurried service. That's it. The only reason to make it a destination is for a few of the polish dishes. But really, if you're coming from out of town this is about the last place you should eat. :-/

              I'd lobby HARD for somewhere else.