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Mar 4, 2013 10:27 AM

Fish Grill - Casual, Simple, Tasty

Tried the Fish Grill on Beverly (I just learned online that they have several locations), and was pleased.

It's kosher, and on a Sunday night it was patronized by the tribes wearing various traditional headgear and outfits. So it had a very eclectic, worldly feel. And this environment added a sense of something new to my first visit.

The grilled ahi is about a half inch thick and about four inches wide. It's marinated, so you get more flavor than simple fish. It was firm and fully cooked, but the marinade kept it from seeming too dried-out. The cole slaw that comes with it was perfectly tart to add a sour element to the dish. It's easier to dump it out onto your plate, as the little cup it comes in is a pain to eat from. You can also choose between french fries, baked potato or rice, and the fries were the kind I like. Not too greasy, but not too crispy, either.

The fried fish sandwich was also tasty, with the inside of the fish being cooked to a tender white flakiness and the outside crunchy, which gave the sandwich a nice texture. The onions and sauce provide a counterpunch to the light flavor of the fish, and altogether this was also a winner. It also comes with cole slaw and the same choice of sides. The baked potato is as expected, but together with a main, this is a lot of food.

This location has an outside patio, which is large but too cold for a chilly evening. This would be perfect for a nice lunch.

Fish Grill
7226 Beverly (2 blocks west of La Brea)
(323) 937-7162

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  1. Glad to read this place apparently hasn't changed much, if any! Back when I was shooting real-estate appraisal pics I would often find myself in that area and got very fond of Fish Grill for a reliably good and reasonably-priced lunch. Same slaw - isn't it called Israeli Salad or something like that - and those fine fries. Good fish and nice people - long may they prosper!

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    1. re: Will Owen

      I'm a frequent customer at Fish Gill, both at the Beverly location and the one on Pico Blvd. They've had a following since they opened in 1986 and I onsider myself lucky to live a short dustance away as I fen crave their food. Last night I indulged my craving for the fish and chips, though I chose a baked potato instead of the sual fries, which, by the way, are also delicious. The price can't be beat and the food is always fresh. Glad to see that others outside of the Jewish community are eating there!

      1. re: Will Owen

        The cole slaw served at Fish Grill is a very good but standard one. Israeli salad, which consists mostly of chopped tomatoes and cucumbers, bears no resemblance to any slaw I've ever seen.

        1. re: Arthur

          My mistake, I suppose. It's been several years since my last visit, and Israeli Salad was the standard side dish. If they'd had coleslaw on the menu I'm sure I'd have tried it, since I love most versions of that.

      2. The sherman oaks location has similar issues regarding wind on the patio. but the food is tasty, very plausibly priced, and warrants repeat business when you might find yourself in the area.
        But parking in the La Reina project is really ugly.
        Good value, though.

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        1. re: carter

          The place you're talking about in Sherman Oaks is "Fish Dish Grill". Is that associated with the OP location on Beverly?

          1. re: jackattack

            No, they are two unrelated restaurants.

        2. I went to Fish Grill once not long after they opened and ordered the fish and chips. To my surprise, the piece of fish they breaded had the skin still on it. It was quite inedible that way.

          Do they still do this? I have never seen fish and chips made that way anywhere else.

          1. The fish here tends to be cooked very well done so if you like your fish any short of dried out you need to ask for it to be served rare.

            1. Will try this place soon. Thanks for being one of the few posters who actually posts an address and complete name of the restaurant and not expecting everyone to know what they're talking about.