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Mar 4, 2013 10:04 AM

Where to buy potted herbs?

I am eager to start growing herbs in my new hanging pots, but am wondering where is the best place in NoVa to purchase small herb plants this time of year? I see plants from time to time at the grocery store, but am skeptical about the quality. I know if I wait a month or two, my local farmers market will be full, but is there any other out let you 'hounds would suggest?

(I'm looking for Sweet Basil, Cilantro, Thyme, Oregano, Rosemary, and Chives)


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  1. TJs frequently has those. Up by the cut flowers. Also any nursery, but maybe not this early.

    1. Warning: It's still way too cold for herbs to go outside. Rosemary is the only one that will survive cold temps. (Assuming you weren't talking about pots for inside the house) It probably won't be warm enough for another 2+ months. Also, if you put them out too soon...they never do as well. My advice....don't rush the season.

      Home Depot is a great place to purchase herb plants. They usuall have all of the herbs you mentioned. Prices tend to be cheaper than the "specialty" garden centers. Also, chives don't transplant well. I suggest you buy a packet of seeds, and throw a bunch in one of your baskets, once you have the plants planted in it. Basil is another herb that is easy to grow from seed too. Try it!

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      1. re: Phoebe

        Thanks for the warning, but the pots are for my kitchen. It's an indoor garden. Should have mentioned that!

        Will look into the chive seeds.

      2. Any & all big box stores & garden centers will be carrying all of the herbs you're looking for. Just not right now. Start looking in about a month.

        (Oh, & out of the herbs you're interested in, neither Basil nor Cilantro will survive even a hint of frost. Cilantro does like cool weather, but not freezing, & Basil needs definite warm temps. Won't be safe outdoors until May at least.)

        1. I used to go to Debaggio's Herb Farm before they moved to Chantilly, but they had great selection, knowledge, and healthy plants. They won't reopen until mid/end of March according to their website.

          They really know herbs not everything works together in a pot.

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          1. re: mscoffee1

            Debaggio's does carry a large & varied inventory of plants, but it's best to purchase from them early in the season. They grow so much stock, & in such small pots, that many of the plants get gangly & pot-bound very quickly. In a relatively short time, the plant quality becomes poor, yet prices remain the same.

            Also - I can only hope that their customer service has improved. The last two times I visited, the owner himself was on the premises & was quite rude & impatient with customers - myself included.

          2. I love DeBaggio's in Chantilly. The owners are very knowledgeable....and everything I've ever bought has grown well. Go online and order a copy of their herb booklet when it comes out -- makes shopping much easier among so many choices. I read the post about poor customer service -- I've never found that to be the case. The two women who own it have always been helpful. They also wrote a book about their dad's struggle with Alzheimers (he used to own the place.)

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            1. re: bre

              I have absolutely ZERO idea which "two women who own" the place you could possibly be talking about. DeBaggio's was originally owned by Tom DeBaggio, who passed away from Alheimer's, & was then taken over by his son, Francesco, who - as far as I know - is still the SOLE owner. While he does have a couple of women working for him, unless he's very recently sold the business (which I doubt, since he's still quite active on the website), I believe you may be misinformed.

              That said, I have had no experience with "the two women" - just with the son himself. And his customer relations' skills are less than stellar.


              1. re: Bacardi1

                Hi Bacardi
                I just looked at the DeBaggio website and guess I stand corrected as to the owner. The two women who were there the two or three times I visited last spring/summer were very helpful. All I know is ....the herbs grew very well (rosemary, sage, & lavender look like winter never arrived) and I would kill to have in tonight's salad --
                one of those amazing heirloom variety tomatoes I got at DeBaggio's!!