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Mar 4, 2013 09:44 AM

Mama Wang's (roujiamo) - Archway, London

There are delicious roujiamo (Chinese sandwiches of long-braised meat, pickled veg, crunchy bits) to be had at Mama Wang's, a stall at Archway's market. They also go to other markets (Catford, this weekend, apparently) and they are well worth checking out. Their pork and lamb are delicious, cooked for nine hours til they're falling apart (maybe, actually, falling apart too much, I like my meat a little more toothsome) in an array of spices and more-ish sauce. All the accoutrements are top-notch, too. The sandwich is on an English muffin rather than Chinese flatbread, but I'm not sure it makes much of a difference. In fact, the muffin soaks up a lot of sauce, which I'm not sure a flatbread would be able to do. Don't wear new or fancy clothes - the sauce will get everywhere.

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  1. Popped down and picked up one of these from Catford this weekend. The lamb was very tasty and the salad complemented it nicely. Bit more "wet" than what I had anticipated - to be honest, I can only compare this to a similar offering at Xi'an Famous Foods in NYC, which was on the drier side. Still tasty though.

    I think the English muffin is okay but it's a bit too floury for me - there is something about the flatbread that I think really works. From what I've read though, it's proving tricky to knock that up, for a stall, which I can imagine.

    1. Sorry to be lazy, but what days do they operate at Archway market? I have about 13 seconds of free time during the week these days so it will take me forever to get there if it isn't on a weekend.

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        Nothing on their website but have tweeted them to ask for a schedule and will report back. Archway market's on a Saturday, though. They're pretty much opposite the Budgens on Holloway Rd there.

      2. This Saturday is their last weekend in Archway market. But they'll be posting their timetable on their website ( soon, apparently.

        1. I'm going to give this a go on Saturday, will report back

          1. I went to Archway last Saturday to try it out. He had three different pots on the boil - there was the mentioned braised meat, cumin lamb and home-style sichuan tofu.

            Roujiamo were quite nice and the muffin worked for me (though it's my first time eating them.) Interesting addition in the bun was pork scratchings with a sichuan pepper dusting - not sure if this is a standard part of a roujiamo, but it was tasty!