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Mar 4, 2013 09:40 AM

Kitchen Counter Covers for Pesach

I have kitchen counters that cannot be kashered for Pesach. Through the years, I have used aluminum foil, ConTac paper and the thick liners that are usually used for refrigerators. I have never been happy with any of these- either they are impossible to clean, not waterproof or peel off. Is there another practical solution? (I don't want to invest a great deal of money into this)..

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  1. Kind of embarrassed to tell you but after cleaning my counters, I cover them with heavy duty plastic garbage bags held down with masking tape. I find them easy to apply AND to remove, easy to clean, waterproof & inexpensive. Only drawbacks are they don't look great & they are obviously not heat proof.

    1. For quick and easy ConTac and foil are about it. You can get sheets of visqueen (rolled thick plasticused at construction sites) which still need to be taped down but will give you fewer seams. If you want to get more serious, then you can get masonite cut to your counter dimensions, but that's overkill.

      1. In the neighborhoods with large observant populations, it's very easy to find what I'd describe as corrugated plastic. Most families throw them out each year, but I covered mine with contact paper over ten years ago, and I use them year after year.

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          These large plastic sheets are sold all over Brooklyn. Many stores sell different sizes

        2. A few years ago I bought several 48"x96" LPDE plastic sheets and cut them exactly to fit my kitchen counters. There are 7 pieces and my son loves the "Peasch Puzzle" of fitting the right piece on the right piece of countertop.

          I don't think I spent more than $50 or $60 for 3 or 4 sheets; that was 8 years ago and I have reused them each year... saving hours from the old vinyl-tablecloth-plus-masking-tape ordeal from beforehand.

          I got them from a general plastics store in Philadelphia; they should be easily obtainable if you have a materials/industrial area near where you live.

          1. QueensCook/cheesecake: Are you referring to the hard plastic sheets that people use to line their fridge shelves? If so, been there, done that.

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              They're not really hard; if you look between the top and bottom, they look like corrugated cardboard. They will bend only along the corrugated lines. I have no idea if people use them for the fridge, though.

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                They sell a pre-cut version sized for refrigerator shelves.