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Preserved lemon

Just back from 10 days in Morocco (including a cooking adventure in Fes. Is it possible to find preserved lemons here?

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  1. Surdyks; sometimes Whole Foods

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        Gosh, I swear I saw some preserved lemons in the last couple of weeks and told myself to make a mental note where I saw it. So much for my crappy mental note. It was either at WF in St. Paul or Lunds on Ford Parkway. I'm 90% sure it was WF, which is reinforced by Pwmfan's comment above. Call first to confirm they have it.


      2. Pardon the interruption, folks, but please limit your suggestions in this thread to local sources for preserved lemon. If you would like to discuss recipes and othr methods for preserving lemons at home, please take that discussion to Home Cooking.

        Thank you!

        1. Bewiched makes a wonderful sandwich with tuna and preserved lemons. It's worth asking if they have extra lemons they'll sell - they've sold me a lemon or two in the past.

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            Holy Land on Central has them; don't know if the one in MGM has too.

          2. Cooks of Crocus Hill sells them.

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            1. Thanks again (including folks below). I appreciate different places to try.

              1. Saw these at the Edina Whole Foods last night and thought of this post.