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Mar 4, 2013 08:45 AM

Atlanta Cooking Classes

Anyone have any recs for a good cooking class series? I'm a home cook looking to improve my skills, and treat myself to a little fun by learning something new/improved. I've looked at everything from Culinary schools (tuition-yikes!) to Williams-Sonoma demos (zzzz...). This is the best I've found so far based on description:

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  1. I've been to one class at Viking (fish). It was very good. About 12 people in the class, and all enjoyed it. The teacher/chef was knowledgeable and friendly. Mainly we put together a variety of dishes, then tried them out. Some basic technique was shown. It was a great opportunity to ask questions.

    There is an Italian cooking class near Emory that I've not attended, but heard good things about. 4 weeks. I think 3 hours/wk.
    Contact Luigi,

    1. I always enjoy the Simple Abundance classes. Chefs from popular local restaurants donate their time and ingredients, and the proceeds go to the Food Bank. The classes are at Cook's Warehouse, which has other good classes and several "hands on" classes.

      1. Check out

        She does a great Italian introductory class. She's even done some demonstrations for folks like Williams-Sonoma.

        She's wonderful!

        Take a friend.