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Humeur...still open? Les Heritiers --

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Going to Montreal in June. Has anyone tried Humeur lately? And how about Les Heritiers?
Any feedback on current BYO's would be very much appreciated. I promise to post a report in June when we return.
La Colombe? Le P'Tit Plateau? Les Infideles? O'Thym? Monsieur B? LeQuartier General?
Any others?

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  1. @shopgirl:

    of the places you list, I have only tried Les Infidèles, Ô Thym, and - most recently - Monsieur B. I did not like any of these places, and don't see myself returning to any of them.

    The menu at Ô Thym has changed since my visit, but the tatin de foie gras is still there. Do not have it; I know it sounds good on paper, but it was really disappointing: the crust wasn't properly done, the whole thing was too sweet, and did not have enough foie gras.

    Of the three, Les Infidèles probably has the most boring food: the meat, sauce, and potato kind of thing. I had the canard à l'orange, but the sauce was not good: it was not fresh, or zesty, the kind of flavor that pairs well with the duck fat.

    Some of the food at Monsieur B was actually good - the amuse bouce, for instance, was delicious (it was a shrimp, and a spoonful of risotto, I believe). I also had the spätzle with escargots, which was only OK (and the asparagus purée was bad, and did not fit well with the dish anyway), and I had some pork for my main, but it left no memory. The main problem with Monsieur B, though, is that portions are way too small - especially given what they charge you. Had I not eaten the amuse bouche, a soup, an appetizer, a main, and a dessert, I would have left the place hungry. Instead, I only left it a little poorer.