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Mar 4, 2013 08:15 AM

Anyone tried for Boston yet?

I just found out about this site last week -- seems they've been around a couple years and have been mentioned on the Manhattan board here a few times.

Kind of like Groupon, but you get a flat 15-40% off your bill (it includes "food and drink" but not in Massachusetts)*. Includes a reservation engine. Discounts vary depending on party size and time you want to dine -- off peak (prior to 7PM) seems to bring better discounts than peak times.

Looks like they only have 8 restaurants in Eastern Mass so far (Da Vinci, Mela, Tomosso Trattoria, Blu Boston, 49 Social, Shiraz, Nubar and Artbar).

Wondering if anyone has any local experiences to report back on.

*from their site: What's the deal with Boston?
Massachusetts liquor laws forbid restaurants from discounting alcoholic drinks. As a result, Savored restaurants in Boston offer our members 40% off their bill’s food total rather than 30% off food and drink

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  1. I used it a few times when Gran Gusto was a participating restaurant. I paid $10 for a reservation and got 40% off the food bill. It was definitely worth it, especially when it was a larger group of people. Sadly, Gran Gusto is not longer participating.

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    1. re: gltsoi

      Not surprised to hear GG is no longer participating, how could it possibly be worth it for them?

      1. re: purple bot

        Because it fills up off peak seats, and only on dates when the restaurant needs business. Better to serve folks at 30% off than not at all, I guess.

        1. re: L2k

          I thought profit margins at restaurants were razor thin. 30-40% sounds like a big loss. Can someone with industry knowledge comment?

          1. re: Bob Dobalina

            I was wondering the same exact thing. I was assuming that it was more based on the marginal cost of extra patrons being low, with the fixed costs of staff/rent etc. being what created the slim margins. This is purely a guess, though.

            1. re: mkfisher

              That is indeed what their business model is based on.

              One would imagine that Boston's liquor-discounting prohibition throws a significant monkey wrench into this. Restaurants have booze margins to burn; if you could just offer people 30% alcohol discounts, this would be a slam-dunk proposition. It's much harder to eat an extra 30%-discounted steak than it is to drink a few extra 30%-discounted cocktails. The latter is a win for restaurants, and presumably how they're hoping Savored's users will tend to behave.

      2. re: gltsoi

        reservations now appear to be free, but most of the discounts (at least on the 8 Boston choices) are less than 40%

      3. So it's a Groupon site, but requires no cash outlay upfront, just making a reservation at an off-peak time. I'd give this a spin.

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        1. re: MC Slim JB

          i like the idea of offpeak pricing (huge fan of how Next has tickets priced to day of week). If i were resto, i'd imagine that i'd want some sort of more stringent cancellation policy/fee for people who book through savored.

        2. I used it a Central Kitchen once -- worked fine, but the waitress forgot to deduct the discount when the check came, so had to re-do it -- otherwise no issue. Sad that CK is no longer part of it, otherwise would use more often (not too interested in the remaining places).