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Mar 4, 2013 07:53 AM

Best bets in Boise?

Hi all, I'll be in Boise this summer for a few days and was wondering what you guys recommend? I searched for Boise and didn't see many threads.

I understand you guys have a large Basque population? Anything good there? Good brew pubs?

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  1. Hi there! Many of the threads on Boise are very outdated. What cuisine do you prefer? what is your price range?
    For starters.....

    I think Bittercreek Ale house is great - unfortunately I cannot say the same for Red Feather next door. They source locally and have a great menu

    Fork is another one of my favorites - they also source locally

    For Vietnamese sandwiches Boise Baguette Deli is good

    Solid bar and grill is also good

    For coffee, Flying M on Idaho St downtown is one of my favorites
    My other favorite is Dawson Taylor (coffee house on 8th St

    For a little higher end, I recommend Cottonwood Grille

    This is just what came to mind first - I look forward to hearing back!!

    OOPS! I almost forgot the Basque Market - great tapas and paella

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      Thank you! I am coming from DC and just want to appreciate any local favorites. No restrictions on cuisine or price.

      These all look great; thank you!

    2. Enbell provided a very nice list. I would only add a few things. If you go to the Basque block there is a bar on the corner that I like to stop at for a beer...Gernika. The bar is on the corner of Capital and the Basque block. The Basque Cultural Center is next door and worth a stop as well. The owners of Fork opened a very good Italian restaurant...Alavita just a few doors down. We also have a new brew pub...10 Barrel Brewing that you may wish to check out. I haven't been there but friends have recommended it. The folks who own it opened first in Bend Oregon and have now expanded to Boise. Hope you have a good trip!

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