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Mar 4, 2013 06:41 AM

Cilantro/Coriander Root in Boston?

I've been working with a bunch of Thai recipes that call for the root of cilantro/coriander. In the summer, I found some bunches with the roots attached, but lately all of the cilantro I can find is cut higher up, so I only have stem. Stem is apparently the best substitute, but I keep wondering if there is a good source for the root, maybe frozen? Has anyone seem it around, maybe at an Asian market? Thanks in advance.

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  1. i sometimes find it like that at market basket, but more reliably at asian markets, yes.

    1. Yeah, the stem doesn't really substitute well for the root (especially in Thai curry pastes). I can almost always find them at the chinatown markets (as well as the Kam Man and HMart). If you're having trouble there, some of the SE Asian markets in Lowell should also have them. I think I saw Cilantro with roots them at the new(ish) Vietnamese market on Dorchester Ave (in Dorchester) as well.

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        Thanks for the suggestions. Kam Man was a bust a few weeks ago, but I can probably swing through Chinatown today. Do you know the name (or more precise location) for the market you're referring to on Dot Ave?

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          As hotoy says, sometimes Market Basket has it with roots, and also sometimes Russo's in Watertown. I'd call before making the trek, though.

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            Hmmm...don't remember the name of the new one, it's between the Bahn Mi shops and Pho Hoa (somewhere along that mile stretch of the road). You could also try Truong Thinh II Super Market (1305 Dorchester Ave) which is also likely to have it.

        2. For the record, I stopped in at 7 or 8 different Asian markets in Chinatown and Dorchester today, and couldn't find cilantro root at one of them, nor at some of the more mainstream supermarkets. I'm beginning to think that perhaps there is some sort of seasonal variation, and wherever our cilantro is coming from right now, they harvest without pulling up the root.

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            Very strange. Definitely saw it recently in Dorchester and used it from Ming's a couple of months ago. Must be a seasonal things. Sorry!

          2. When I need them, I can't find them. When I don't, they appear. Fortunately, they freeze pretty well.


            1. There's one vendor at Haymarket that has them