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Mar 4, 2013 05:29 AM

Trip Advisor in your city

Where you live, is Trip Advisor a reliable resource to finding restaurants?

I have a friend's family planning a trip soon, and she was asking me whether or Trip Advisor was reliable for Jerusalem restaurants. After a look - while I don't agree with the rankings, it's a pretty solid resource - particularly for higher end places. For hummus, falafel, shwarma, and other "dives", I would not go to Trip Advisor - but it's not a bad resource for Jerusalem.

Is this an anomaly? Or reliable for cities where restaurants and tourist areas have greater overlap?

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  1. We like Trip Advisor for destinations that Chowhound does not have a huge following.
    We trust Trip Advisor reviews as long as there are several of them.
    We read the reviews and toss the rave reviews and the bashing. The reviews with the most detail make the most sense.

    1. I tend to prefer Urbanspoon, although, suffice it to say, neither are foolproof.

      1. Out of curiosity, I checked the Philadelphia Tripadvisor. Other than a few head scratchers, the majority of the top 30 are spots folks on the local CH board would send visitors.

        1. For Boston I would say it's 50/50. A nice mix of price range, no chains, and various neighborhoods. Just question the rankings and in the inclusion of so many bakeries. But there are numerous board favorites in the top 30.

          I think that they did a better job with Cambridge. Most of the top 30 are board recommended.

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            For Jerusalem - I was also pleasantly surprised to see no chains in the top 30-40. Israel has a large number of chain cafes that serve coffee drinks, sandwiches and salads. Overall, they're not bad - but they're definitely not the cafes that I'd want to hear recommended.

          2. Generally speaking, I don't find TA helpful. Certainly not about areas I visit regularly. There are usually other sources - from local boards to print guides - which are more tuned on to good food. For example, I have recently responded to a thread asking for "foody restaurants" in a resort area that I know well. Most respondents to the thread are mentioning places that are not only not foody but are "lowest common denominator tourist crap" places.

            That said, there can be times when TA is the only resource available. And, actually, in the case of the tourist area I mention, it is the only source. Then it's just a matter of using your own common sense to identify places which may be worth further research when you actually get to the resort - and further research need only be a matter of saying "does the place look OK" and "does the menu interest me"