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Mar 4, 2013 05:11 AM

Weekend advice

In town for Saturday night dinner with my wife and was looking for a good place. Someone suggested Friday Saturday Sunday or Alma du Cuba would be a good choices ( i have no clue). Any thoughts about either or both of them or if you have another suggestion.

I'll be roaming around all day friday by myself, any idea what to do, any good brewpubs , happy hours ?

I'm staying off of rittenhouse sq. but don't mind travelling a bit as long as i stay in town. I appreciate the advice and thank you in advance.

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  1. Fri, Sat and Sunday is okay but it's appeal to me is mostly sentimental. I have only been to Alma de Cuba once, and wasn't wowed. I think there are much better choices than these two. Near the square, I would recommend Vernick

    If you don't mind a cab ride and byob, Little Fish is terrific. You would have to book that right away.

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      Good suggestions. You are pretty central -- walkable or short cab/transit ride to many many good places. Maybe try searching the board for suggestions around Rittenhouse and Center City (name for Philly's downtown area), and also lists like these are a good start:

      For Friday, there are a couple brew pubs in Center City -- Nodding Head and Triumph -- but I wouldn't really recommend either. There are many bars with really great beer selections, both American micros and imports (many of which aren't distributed outside the area).

      There are a lot of good beer bars in pretty much every neighborhood in and surrounding Center City but here is one suggestion for Friday:
      You could walk through the 9th St Italian Market, which also has lots of Mexican and SE Asian influence these days. Get lunch or an early dinner at Paesano's for "Philly-style" sandwiches better than 99% of the cheesesteaks around. Then hit Happy Hour at Devil's Den on 11th St -- my pick for best beer happy hour in the city as the extensive selection of drafts are all half price, from their already reasonable prices. So like $3-4 for really good craft beers, you can't beat it.

      also make sure to hit Reading Terminal Market sometime, late Friday morning would be a perfect time to do that.

      An alternate idea for Friday is to hit the historical area around Independence Hall (5th & Chestnut) in the afternoon then go to Happy Hour at the Khyber Pass Pub on 2nd St. One of the best draft lists in the city and everything is $2 off for Happy Hour. The food is pretty good too. In that area, Irish Pol on 3rd St also has a very good beer list, not sure what their happy hour special is but they probably have one. Triumph Brewpub is also right there but again you will drink better beers at the other places.

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        FYI this weekend will be mobbed due to Flower Show. Prepare accordingly and get reservations whenever possible.

    2. In the Rittenhouse area on Friday, you could check out the Mutter Museum and Monk's for a lovely selection of beer. People here like their mussels and frites, but I don't think either are that great. I go for their wide variety of sours.

      BarryG's advice on seeing the Italian Market and RTM on Friday with attention paid to how packed things will be due to the Flower Show (good call, cwdonald) is correct. I recently enjoyed some delicious chicken liver and hot fennel Italian sausage from Fiorello's in the former area and some refreshing slightly sweetened soy milk from the takeout shop near Hung Vuong on Washington and 11th (if you're looking at the shopping plaza with the supermarket on the right, the store will be on the strip perpendicular and behind the strip that has Nam Phuong/Wokano/Pho and Cafe Viet Hoang).

      I agree with the Little Fish recommendation but many restaurants will need immediate reservations any way. You may also like the Prohibition exhibit currently at the Constitution Center.

      1. Barryg's itinerary for Friday is spot-on. Devils Den is a great bar and has the best mussels in the city IMO. Friday Saturday Sunday and Alma de Cuba are by no means bad choices but looking on opentable, there are a number of places that I think are much better with tables for 2 a reasonable times. - small BYO near Little Fish (which is also a great choice if you can get in). Not the best option if either of you are vegetarians. - sushi spot within walking distance of Rittenhouse Sq. - slightly more upscale than the other suggestions if you're looking for something nicer. It's in Old City which is just a quick ~$10 cab from the Rittenhouse area.

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          Staying in your area, if you like seafood, Branzino and Estia would be some choices to consider.
          Also, are you into seeing art? The Art Museum and Barnes Art are two special places to peruse.
          More upscale dinner can be had at Davios.

        2. My weekend....Went to Alma du Cuba and was not overwhelmed. Should have tried another place but it looked good 'on paper'. Very good service though. Stopped in Nodding HillI, wasn't a fan. OK, now the positive, stumbled into McGillans, which was fun. loved the Devils Den for beers. Nice crowd, atmosphere. I also like The Dandelion, a lot, nice beer selection and mixed drinks. Bartenders were very good. Got sandwhich from Paesano's, very good pizza at Zio's, had a Geno's cheesesteak (last time i went to Pat's)...and someone here suggested the Prohibition exhibit so I went and it was great...very interesting.

          Anyway... thanks for the advice. We had a great time....