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Mar 4, 2013 04:55 AM

dish of the month - feb 2013

so what wowed you last month?

I didn't eat out very much so it's easy for me - my vote goes to a Hawksmoor burger - the monthly special with jalapenos.

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  1. My dish was a rump of lamb served at a lovely inn in the New Forest. I've never eaten such tender morsels in my life. We asked the waitress if it was local lamb, and she told us it was from Dorset and the cooking begins with a water bath.

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      What was the name of the place, do you know? And where? I grew up in the New Forest area and sometimes down there.


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        We ate at the Bell Inn. It's in Brook near the M27. The lamb really was delicious. My only complaint would be that the accompaniments, Anna potato and other veg, all were the same color as the lamb! Portions aren't huge but the service was friendly, and we were staying there that night so it was handy. I once ate at The Thatched Cottage, but that was ages ago and I don't know what it's now like. Back then, it seemed good.

    2. Given that I'm not really a dessert person and the very phrase fusion food sets my teeth on edge it's a suprise that my dessert at Kopapa is the best of Feb 2013.

      Blood orange ganache with blood oranges, poached pears and corriander cress.
      The ganache was very rich but cut by the tart blood oranges. The corriander cress with the slightly caramalised pear slices was a great flavour combination.

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        this sounds fascinating!

        harters - yes, claim the chips!

      2. Having spent most of the month in Tenerife, my choices are very limited. So limited that I cannot claim a "wow" or anything approaching. But, to play along, the best was a pork belly dish at Manchester's Kaleido. Though the portion size was taking the piss. The best thing we ate there were the chips - can I claim them?

        1. Oh, that one is easy for me... finally made it to Bincho Soho and had an early dinner feast.
          My favourite - the chicken skin skewers.
          Pieces of thick skin scrunched up and threaded onto the skewers in folds, and grilled so they're both crunchy and yet soft.

          1. I tried Bone Daddies for the first time, and while it isn't incredible by any means, it was the best ramen I've had in London.