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Mar 4, 2013 04:30 AM

Bar mitzvah venue in Westchester or Rockland

Looking for a space for my son's bar mitzvah. Don't want an outdated catering hall. Would love a nice space with good food, and reasonable prices... Or a place without catering, where I could bring in food. Any ideas?

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  1. Here's a thread that may give you some good starting points.

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    1. re: Sra. Swanky

      Yes, I had seen the old thread. Was hoping someone had other suggestions a few years later... Thanks!

      1. re: tarrytown hound

        Life the Place to Be in Ardsley is a great space. I've been to an Abigail Kirsch catered event - the food was great!

        1. re: tarrytown hound

          Just remembered another one. You'll probably have to hire a separate caterer, but WeeZee in Chappaqua has the space for a bar mitzvah and is probably more reasonable in price than Life...

          1. re: Sra. Swanky

            We heard that Life purports to be reasonably-priced, but absolutely nothing is included in the original quote one is given. Literally everything is extra, including the lights, and they usually don't allow you to use any outside items or vendors.

            The space itself is very industrial, cold, and cavernous and not in a funky, downtown way. I agree with Sra. Swanky that Abigail Kirsch's catering is good.

            We went through the bar/bat/b'nai mitzvah/confirmation circuit a few years ago and are literally the next town over from Ardsley. I don't remember a single party being held at Life.

        1. was at a lovely BM this weekend at Tappan Hill. Food was outstanding. Abigail Kirsch catering was very good from the passed hors d'oeuvres to the three small desserts. Is worth every penny.

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            Abigail Kirsch catered two bar mitzvahs for me. My son's are in their 40's now, so that will tell you how long her firm has been in operation... way before Tappan Hill. It's so nice to read (from England now) that she's still in business - or someone in her family is!

          2. My niece's bat mitzvah was last March at Brynwood Club in Armonk and it was amazing!!

            1. This is in CT, but not too far: No idea of the pricing, but it seems totally customizable.