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Mar 4, 2013 04:16 AM

Boom Burger - Rochelle Park

Opened about a year now; is this place related to the former Boom Burger in Belmar that closed several years ago? Both made a point of using Pat LaFrieda ground beef...

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  1. No, they are not related -- not from what I know. The owner of Boom Burger in Rochelle Park, and his family, own several places in Bergen County (diner, restaurant, bar/night-club; in Englewood, Fort Lee, Mahwah, Teaneck, etc.).

    There is also a place with a similar name in the Hamptons, but that is not affiliated either from what I gather.

    The second Boom Burger location opened up in Mahwah.

    1. This place got dissed pretty badly on another board and a couple of blogs-- basically the LaFrieda wholesaler will custom make a grind for you, it doesn't assure a great burger. The place is very frenetic and is apparently appealing to the mid-20s crowd.

      If you want a great LaFrieda burger in this area, stick to BuCu in Paramus.

      1. We passed this exiting the Parkway to head to Rt. 208 and made us curious. Any recent reviews to share as we want to try it?

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          Not sure about this location -- went a few times for lunch and it was crowded each and every time. Seems to be a popular lunch spot for the local office buildings, workers, etc. It's convenient for me as my office is nearby and it's right off the Parkway (at the bottom of the exit ramp) -- so it's convenient for meeting people heading north on the GSP. I never thought this specific location was a good one, but who knows.

          The location in Mahwah seems to be doing well (always crowded).

          Anyway, the burgers were pretty good. Not my favorite of the "burger places" -- but a good burger, change of pace, etc., if you are looking for that kind of place. I wouldn't have a problem going back. The nearby burger places are doing well -- Bobby's is always crowded, very good following, etc. The so called "mall location" is your catch-22. The Shake Shack is always crowded (the original location on 17N). Not sure about the new location.

          The rest of the burger places -- eh, either they closed or you could keep 'em, LOL.