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Mar 4, 2013 02:37 AM

Washington DC Egg Roll

We got selected for the Egg Roll on the 1st, since we have a little one year and a half, we are thinking of going the night before and staying downtown near the white house. Any hotel down there that you love (four or five star), but also has great food? We are also hoping to visit the cherry blossoms and one museum. Or if you have an area to stay, that it is easy to get on the metro with a baby, let me know. He is really good at traveling, and eating at fancy resturants. Thanks!

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  1. Chinese egg rolls in DC suck (they're like cabbage wrapped in Gore-Tex), look for Thai or VN instead.

    I'm sorry, I was rude. the multi-star hotel choices within a few blocks are abundant and don't need insider notes.

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    1. re: hill food

      The poster is talking about the White House Easter Egg Roll event...not Chinese egg rolls.

      1. re: Elyssa

        That is a pretty hilarious mix up.

        1. re: reiflame

          thx rei for getting it! </Emily Littela>

          as I'm usually not THAT obtuse.

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        It's higher end but you can stay at the Willard which is directly across from the White House and has the wonderful french cafe Cafe du Parc. It's also close to a couple of metro stops.

        Another more modern option is the W Hotel...also more or less across from the White House. Their J&G Steakhouse is wonderful (although probably not appropriate for a 1 1/2 year old). They also have a great bar (also serving food) and a roof top with one of the best views of Washington (also serving food). Centrally located as well. I also hear their room service menu is excellent---their a club sandwich that one some food channel award for best sandwich and it is only available on the room service menu.

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          J&G is very nice but the W is all attitude and no grace (goes double for the roof top bar).

      3. We are not intrested in going to DC for an egg roll...we got selected for the Egg Roll at the white house! Thanks :)

        1. Mandarin Oriental would be convenient to the Tidal Basin. There are, as hill food notes, a lot of places convenient to the White House, including the Willard and the St Regis.

          1. Thanks---this morning I was seeing Sofitel was rated pretty high? I was also looking into the W!

            I did not check out the Willard, I will look into that now! Thanks for the suggestions!

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              in nice weather the Sofitel has a very pleasant sidewalk cafe.

              frankly I can't think of a dumpy hotel close to the WH except for maybe the Harrington and even that gets 'decent' or 'basic' marks (although I would avoid their restaurant even if I were to stay there, point made for others reading who aren't in the 4-star category).

            2. FYI, though it's still a lovely stroll, cherry blossoms will be well beyond their peak this year by the time you get here. Aim for being close to the White House. I'm a fan of the Hay Adams but it's been years.

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                I thought the current forecast was for peak blooming 3/26-3/30? I know the blossoms can drop fast, but 3/31 should still be nice.