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Mar 4, 2013 12:25 AM

Quick Ice-Water from the Bar -- Tip?

I often accompany my dad and his wife to nice restaurants -- they are near 80 and she moves particularly slowly. I am also treated to good places by my mom and her companion. Last week I waited for my niece at the bar.

Upon entering, I often beeline to the bar and ask for "your largest glass, filled with ice and then water." I then follow my dining hosts to the table.

Do I need to tip the bartenders?

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      1. Yes. I tip a dollar for a free glass of water.

        1. Yes, and a dollar is what I tip as well.

          1. The person performed the same service for you if it had been a $5/6/7/8 mixed drink and you wouldn't question if you had y leave a tip then, correct? So yes it's the service and hospitality industry, they performed a service they should get something.

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              Good point--and then what the OP is getting is still a whole hell of a lot cheaper to them than a mixed drink with tip for the same effort by the server as a cocktail.