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Mar 3, 2013 08:19 PM

Is Sunday night bound to be "restaurant purgatory"?

Late dinner after marvelous concert, decided to stay in the neighborhood and go to Washington Square Tavern, a place I generally like. Not so surprised that the interesting sounding special was gone (Rabbit Gumbo with Creole Sausage) but one of the good things about the Tavern is they have a nice range of appetizers so we can usually find something interesting. Soup seemed right for a winter night: we both ordered the French Onion, spouse went for a burger after that and I had the charcuterie plate (the special one for the evening). The soup was pretty close to dreadful: dim broth, not hot, unmelted cheese that was just plain gummy. This was particularly sad because we had excellent Onion Soup at Cognac Bistro last week and it isn't something that should be much of a challenge for a decent kitchen. Fries were good, burger was oddly off (maybe had been held on the heat and not made to order???). The only thing that was close to the Tavern's usual standard was the charcuterie plate: lovely rabbit pate among other goodies. My spouse said this was at least the third time in very recent memory that late Sunday suppers had disappointed us at restaurants we normally like. he wondered if perhaps Sunday was typically chef's night off and, therefore, more touch and go than other nights. What's your experience?

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  1. Sunday is when Rendezvous has their prix fixe which I've gladly taken advantage of a number of times. I have never found the cooking to be off from what I've gotten any other nights - always a hit and with me and my fellow diners. Don't think this made the difference, but it was never late supper though.

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      Similarly, down the street is Craigie on Main that does their Chef's Whim only after 9pm on Sundays.

      Indeed, some places take up the challenge to bring in diners on Sunday nights instead of close or giving the good chef and staff the night off.

    2. It used to be when the Sous took over and tried harder and make a name for themselves.

      1. Thanks for this report. I've always been a fan of WST for a drink, and years ago loved their food and their burger. We went about a year ago and had a dismal Sunday night meal and haven't been back for food since, although we still go for drinks.

        I have noticed they've revamped their website and menu in the past few months and wondered if they got a new chef. The specials do sound interesting and although charcuterie isn't really my bag, it does say something about a kitchen who is dedicated to producing a lot of it (and interesting varieties). I haven't had a chance to try the new menu and haven't heard much about it.

        I do think Sunday night is probably not equal to Thurs->Sat at most restaurants even if exceptions at the high end or at the ethnic level exist. Some restaurants will go out of their way to distinguish themselves, but even if I'm disappointed by a Sunday night meal not being up to par, I can't say I'm surprised.