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Mar 3, 2013 06:22 PM

Fun, unique lunch, snacks, treats and dinner for one near The Carlton Hotel l

Hello Hounds-
I will be joining my husband on a business trip in May, staying at the Carlton Hotel (88 Madison Ave)
I will be walking the area, would you be so kind to suggest some unique, tasty lunch, snack and treats in that part of Manhattan? I love food trucks, cupcakes, thai, chinese, middle eastern- I like to sample unique treats on each trip. Thanks, so much!

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  1. The NoMad
    Eleven Madison Park'

    Shake Shack

    All the Indian places on Lexington Avenue

    1. The Carlton is at 28th and Madison, which is a great home base, you'll be near the Ace Hotel, Curry Hill, Madison Square Park, Koreatown, etc.

      How long will you be around? What's your budget? Most of the food trucks are only there for weekday lunch. Sounds like you'll be walking around and noshing while he's busy, and you'll meet up for dinner?

      There's not really a lot of good cupcakes in the area (Crumbs and Baked by Melissa are not great), same for Chinese and Thai.

      Some ideas for you:
      No 7 Sub -- creative sub sandwiches
      Stumptown Coffee -- they also serve baked goods by the Breslin, Momofuku Milk Bar, and I thought I saw some Doughnut Plant items last time I was there
      Eataly -- lots of goodies in here to eat and buy, salumi, cheese, sandwiches, gelato, pizza, pasta, there's also a cooking school, seafood counter, espresso counter, and more
      Kalustyan's -- a great spice and cooking supply shop with a food counter in the 2nd floor, try the mujadara
      Lamazou -- excellent cheese and sandwich shop
      Defonte's -- Italian American subs
      Blue Smoke -- BBQ, they also have a bake shop in front
      Calexico Cart -- Cali-Mex
      Shake Shack
      The Cannibal
      Tiffin Wallah
      Saravana Bhavan (aka Saravanaas)
      Roomali -- for a Kati roll

      The Luke's Lobster and Cool Haus trucks used to park around 23rd and Park Ave but both are "hibernating" at the moment I think.

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        Also Anjappar for delicious Chettinad food.

      2. Thanks, so much! These are great ideas! I will be in town for 4 days, I am looking forward to exploring!