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Mar 3, 2013 04:14 PM

Stovetop Smokers

I have a new stove-top smoker (can I say the name - Cameron's). Youtube videos seem vague and contradictory.
1) What is your favorite type of wood to use?
2) Do you use high heat or medium?
3) What about time?
3) What is your favorite thing to smoke?
4) Do you have a method that works great?

All comments appreciated.

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  1. I have the Cameron and pull it out every now, and then to smoke bone-in chicken breast for salads, chowders, and such. I do sausages in a pinch for making jambalaya, or gumbo and don't have andouille. Marinade, or apply dry rub on pork tenderloin prior to smoking, then pan sear to brown. Whole shell-on shrimp is excellent for shrimp cocktail, or surf & turf. Oh yes...smoked sea salt! Easy to make.

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      I have one that I've never used. Y'all have inspired me to dig it out and give it a try. Have you used it on an electric or gas stovetop? What about temperature as the OP asked?

      1. re: Leepa

        I used mine on my previous gas stove.

    2. I've only done salmon, so far. Cooked about 15 minutes on medium. I think it's best to cut into portion sizes before smoking; more surface area and quicker cooking. Marinaded with brown sugar/salt/pepper, which caused moisture to seep out before cooking, giving a dryer dish.

      1. I would add, from recent experience, do not fail to line the bottom tray with foil, because you can get some seriously burnt-on gunk if you don't.

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          Yes, I wrap the bottom pan to catch drippings and I place a small square of foil over the pellets before I put the pan on top to avoid the carbonized mess on the bottom. I did eventually get rid of it all.

          I used my Cameron to smoke baby back ribs over hickory pellets in winter. I use med/high heat and more time than the instructions call for, then finish on broil, briefly.

        2. Have a Cameron's that I found at a yard sale... NEVER even outta box. Came with little containers of fine wood chips... maybe 4 different types?

          Dpn;t use it a lot. Think first time was to "smoke" a corned beef brisket after simmering. Was pleasantly surprised that didn't smoke up whole house.

          1. I hope this thread gets some 'love.' I've had a Cameron smoker for a few years but have barely used it. I recently tested it and it's induction-capable which matters to me.

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              I've used mine many times over the years, and love it.

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                Hey, girl! If you have time could you elaborate. As in what kinds of foods (vegetables?), seasonings, etc. x,c

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                  Best ever -- a whole standing rib roast (covered with heavy-duty foil) smoked one hour w/mesquite chips, then finished roasting in oven. Amazing.

                  Corn on the cob -- really fresh corn, brush w/EVOO, sprinkle w/salt, smoke w/hickory 15 mins.

                  Any fish fillet -- smoke 10 mins w/any kind of wood (apple is nice), finish w/quick pan sear.

                  I smoke MANY halved Roma tomatoes, then oven dry and freeze. These add a wonderful smokiness to many dishes, e.g., vegetarian chili.

                  My favorite new kitchen toy is a smoke gun that you can use to add smoke flavor to items you don't want to cook. Made a killer smoked spinach salad last week.

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                    GREAT! Saved. Now, give us a link to that smoke gun. You have the best toys :)

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                      "I smoke MANY halved Roma tomatoes, then oven dry and freeze. These add a wonderful smokiness to many dishes, e.g., vegetarian chili."

                      Okay, now these I have got to try. Thanks!

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                    Possibly a stupid question here - but do you get smoke escaping when you open it?

                    Mr Tacos has recently started mentioning getting one of these, but the kitchen is not equipped with the best exhaust fan, and I don't really want to deal with a home that smells like a Lockhart smokehouse.

                    On the plus side, there's a door to the patio right next to the stove, so we could just pick up the smoker, step outside and open it?

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                      Unless you use an excessive amount of chips, there shouldn't be much, if any, residual smoke.

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                        Thanks! I have to admit - the idea of bringing a little Texas to this miserable British winter is appealing. Might go ahead and start looking for one!

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                        Start the smoker slightly open, on high heat. The minute you begin to see smoke, close the top and reduce heat to medium. You should get almost no smoke outside the smoker. Check some Youtube videos for mor info.