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Dinner in Nashville

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My husband and I are traveling to Nashville! We have a reservation for City House for one night and are trying to decide on the other night. We are considering one of the restaurants listed below. Any recommendations?

Rolf & Daughters

Thank you for your time!

Thanks in advance!!!

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  1. Have you considered Catbird Seat? If not you should.

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      Thanks! We were a little hesitant that you didn't get to choose your food at Catbird but I will give it another look. Thanks!

    2. Margot is on the east side of the city if that matters at all. Etch is located downtown and Silo along with Rolf & Daughters are both in the Germantown area just a few minutes north of downtown.

      You'll have a pretty difficult time getting a reservation at cat bird, as they only do reservations a month in advance.

      I would probably go with Rolf & Daughters.

      1. I would add Lockland Table to your possible list of choices. Also, there is a restaurant a little out of downtown inGreen Hills called Firefly Grill that is very good as well.