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Mar 3, 2013 03:26 PM

Turkish Kofte ( meatballs that aren't shaped like balls lol), perfect for a bbq

As a Turkish person I can not stress enough how important meat and grilling is in our culture. Here is a great, simple recipe that you can cook up in literally minutes. You can now finally say " I can cook Turkish food !"


500 g lamb mince
500 g beef mince
* make sure that the mince does not have too much fat content "
1 grated onion
3 cloves of grated or minced garlic
2 stale bread slices torn in to small pieces
1 egg yolk
Chopped Parsley
Cumin powder

Get your hands slightly wet and mix all of the ingredients above slowly, incorporating each ingredient little by little. You can tell that you have worked the mince enough when the mince returns/resembles its old color. When you have a fully combined paste, make a small ball and slowly squash it down to a flatter shape with your palms. The fact that it is slightly flat rather than spherical means that the meat sears better as there is more surface area. Cook on a hot grill or a well heated griddle pan with some olive oil. I suggest grilling some peppers and tomatos to accompany it ! Another trick is to rub your grill with some raw onion to avoid the meat sticking to it !The shape of the kofte is quite distinctive and can be seen in the picture below. Bon Apetit !, or as we say in Turkish Afiyet Olsun !

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  1. Those look delicious! What would be served with them to make a traditional meal?

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      Kofte is great when it is served with fresh bread. Grilled peppers and tomatos are always great too. We usually serve a bean salad. This recipe is ok, I will post a recipe for this later. I suggest you don't put olives in it. Here is the link
      Enjoy :D

    2. I made some Turkish meatballs from the book "Planet Barbecue!" They were great, my post is here:

      1. Yay! I've been meaning to tackle koftes at some point anyway, and would much rather have an authentic recipe to work from.

        Thanks! I'll be trying this soon. :)

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          + 1 Thanks very much for sharing.

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            no worries, will post more Turkish stuff as soon as lectures stop strangling me :D