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Mar 3, 2013 03:13 PM

Maya Cusine. Fantastic.

Went there with the wife today. I got the Carne Asada, Cochinita Pibil, and the Barbacoa. They were very good. I loved that I got to select what I got on them. The tortillas were delicious and definitely made in house. My wife got similar with the rice and beans which I tried and were good as well.

Prices are $2 now a taco but we got out for $14 and it was crave worthy.

1840 Central Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418
Neighborhood: Northeast

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  1. I agree. This place is my favorite taco and tamale place in town now.

    1. I went last week. Got two tacos (barbacoa and Cochinita) along with the spicy pork (can't remember the specific name) tamale. Loved everything.

      Word of advice...they do offer to add sauces for you, but they also have all their sauces, along with crema and a few other things, in the restaurant to add at your own discretion.

      Either way, three items plus rice and beans (both forgettable, to be honest) for $7.50 is a great deal.

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      1. re: BigE

        Agreed on the rice a beans. Not a ton of flavor in each...the only fault I found at this place. Although, I have yet to find refried beans or rice at any place that blow me away....but definitely a spot for improvement.

        I love the amount of toppings you can get, as well as the taco bar. And to be honest, $2 for steak usually has me think of taco smell, but they cook it to order and how you want it.

        Very friendly and approchable staff. I made sure to let them know when I left how good the taco's were. The owner (I think) seemed very happy to hear that. They seem to care and take pride in what they do, which is 90% of being successful.

        I have yet to be to El Taco Riendo but so far this is my favorite taco place in town. Hands down.

        1. re: brlattim

          Maybe try the rice and beans at Sonora Grill. They are absolutely delicious.

          1. re: EricShawnSmith

            Is it still coconut rice? Did not really like that when I had it, everything else there is great.

            Edit: the now gone sirena gorda, where left handed cook is, had the best rice and beans ever

      2. Agreed.
        Fresh masa = fresh tortillas = yum.
        Homemade tamales, with familiar and unique flavor combos (the mushroom one is deeeeelish).
        Most of the meats I have tried are really fresh and flavorful.
        Glad to have a place of this caliber in NE, it really is a gem.

        1. FYI Maya is running a 50% off voucher on a daily site this week which makes their delicious tacos only $1 plus tax. FYI, you can only use one voucher per table which limits it a little. It does not expire until Sept so if you like the place.....why not get it at a bargain (actually already is)

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