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One nignt in geneva

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we are two couples who will be in Geneva for a saturday nignt in two weeks. Where should we go for a drink? Where should we eat? We don't mind spending a little but we don't want to break the bank. I've made my research on the board without any result, please help!


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  1. Where should you eat? France. ;)

    After living in Geneva for a number of years, I can tell you that's easy to spend a lot and get little in return.

    Since you're looking for a place for Saturday night, two of my suggestions are closed (Swiss waiters deserve a weekend, too, apparently).

    Nevertheless, I might suggest La Cantine www.lacantine.ch, which serves modern-ish French cuisine, or Cafe du Clos www.cafeduclos.ch‎ which is more traditional French. Both are open Saturday nights.

    While both places are good, they are "Geneva good", which means there's a strong chance you'll be underwhelmed.