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Anyone know where I can find some Trix cereal !?!

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I suddenly got the urge for a bowl of Trix and after 3 trips to grocery stores...can't find it anywhere ! I scoured the web but all posts are atleast 2 or 3 years old...has anyone purchased Trix in the past few months anywhere in the GTO area?! Help :)

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  1. haven't seen that in a long time. this might shed some light though.


    come to think of it i dont think you can get count chocula, franken berry, boo berry, fruity pebbles, cookie crisp cereals in canada anymore either.

    its all those health nuts ruining it for us :)

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      You can definitely get cookie crisp. I bought it a few months ago from Costco. Unless they've stopped selling it since then.

    2. Readily available in the U.S. Did you try amazon?

      1. No need to order, Hermes bakery on Bathurst sells em. Along with other American cereal like cookie crisp, kix etc. was there yesterday

        1. Oh also they are imported from the states, not made in Canada, I checked the side of the box so it's not old stock.

          1. I've definitely seen Cookie Crisp at the No Frills at Bathurst/Wilson.

            Can't 100% recall if there was Trix too but there very well might have been.

            Good luck!

            1. Bobby Wham...you're awesome.

              1. Oddly, I saw someone carrying a box of Trix on the subway last week. Is this a coincidence or are we seeing the start of a spontaneous new craze :)

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