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Mar 3, 2013 12:49 PM

Grocery Outlet March 2013

Roba Dolce Dark Chocolate Chuck Gelato is back at $3.99
Berkeley also had fruit flavors but it's the chocolate I like.
Reuben Brand Corned Beef $2.59.

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  1. stopped by the San Pablo GO today and was happy to see that they restocked the ED Smith preserves. My SO enjoys the lower sugar content and true fruit flavors. Good deal, too : $3.99 for a 40oz jar......It's a Canadian product ...... fruit as the first ingredient and no HFCS. I like the Blueberry/Rasberry/Pomegranite one. Also bought a new flavor to try: Black Cherry/Rasberry/Plum. There was also a Mango/Orange/Peach flavor.

    1. LaRoule fresh cheese with herbs 5.3 oz for 1.49. It is like Boursin but a bit tarter. Very good.

      1. Cooke some of the Corned Beef tonight..was good and a great price!

        1. try a bowl 1/2 chocolate and 1/2 coconut.

          1. Livermore GO doesn't seem to get as many of the excellent offerings as other stores, which creates envy here, but last weekend I tried the Pork Tamales in Red Sauce from The Tamale Cafe: 4 tamales for $1.99 in a cryovac package. I thought they were very good and hurried back to pick up some more to freeze. They also have a cheese and a sweet version, which I have not tried.