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Mar 3, 2013 11:50 AM


Yesterday afternoon at La Morada in Mott Haven, settling back after my mole verde, I watched as the waitress delivered a pair of pambazos to a neighboring table. Maybe I'd just never noticed before, but I was struck by their resemblance to tortas ahogadas, Mexican sandwiches that are "drowned" in sauce. Apart from La Morada, where I plan to return soon, who else makes a good pambazo?

Dave Cook

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    1. The pambazo at Xochimilco was good, but unfortunately I've heard they closed.

      Well, although it doesn't have Dave Cook ethnic cache to it, La Superior in W'burg makes a nice knife and fork pambazo.

      1. Xochimilco in BK is definitely no more; the unrelated Xochimilco in the BX serves one. Its acceptable, but not special.

        I had the pambazo at La Morada once over the summer, but will have to return to try it again. I wasn't thrilled, but I was also at the tail end of a long day of eating.

        I should also point out that, for those desperate for some Oaxacan home cooking, La Morada serves several dishes that are difficult to find elsewhere in the city. Mole verde, Oaxaqueno, guaxmole, and others. (We wrote about last week:


        If you were to ask I'd advise that you favor sauces based on fruits (tomato, the guaje in guaxmole, tomatillo, you know). Their chipotle sauce, though, is supposed to be quite good.